Where will Serbian citizens living in Kosovo and Metohija vote? (VIDEO)

Where will Serbian citizens living in Kosovo and Metohija vote? (VIDEO)
Where will Serbian citizens living in Kosovo and Metohija vote? (VIDEO)

In January of last year, when the referendum on constitutional changes was voted on, a few hours after the Kosovo Assembly adopted the Resolution prohibiting the holding of a referendum to change the Constitution of Serbia on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija, the Republic Election Commission made a decision that Serbian citizens living there vote in municipalities of Vranje, Tutin, Kuršumlija and Raška.

Voters mostly went by organized transport, and at 45 polling stations their names were only added to the existing voter lists.

In the spring of last year, parliamentary elections were held – and voting was again held outside Kosovo and Metohija, although the representatives of the Quinte countries and the OSCE asked Pristina to allow voting where the voters live.

Journalist Ana Marija Ivković from Kosovska Mitrovica believes that the same situation will happen in December.

“I am sure that the Serbs from Kosovo will vote in the way it was done last time. And that means going to the nearest cities in central Serbia, such as Raška, Niš, Prokuplje. So, I believe that it will be organized again – by bus to the polling stations,” says Ivković.

Earlier elections called by Belgrade were held everywhere in Kosovo and Metohija where there were Serbian citizens. On the ground, the OSCE helped, which in some situations collected the ballot boxes and transported them to central Serbia, where the votes were counted.

At one point, Pristina had the idea that Serbian citizens should vote in what they called “official representative offices of the state of Serbia”, thus trying to show the supposed democracy, but also to present the vote in Kosovo and Metohija – in the elections of the state of Serbia – as a vote diaspora.

The only thing they didn’t have was an answer to the question of which diplomatic missions in Kosovo and Metohija are where the vote could be organized, when Belgrade does not recognize Kosovo.

“With the Prime Minister of Kosovo at the head of the Government of Kosovo, I believe that at some point it will happen, and until then I believe that the elections will take place in the same way as before. In any case, I think that neither one nor the other side will actually it is not suitable for the elections to be held in the so-called consulates or offices in Kosovo. I believe that it is more suitable for both sides to have it be by buses, and in this way there is room for Belgrade to possibly abuse that method of voting. And Priština simply does not deal with that issue,” concluded Ana Marija Ivković in an interview for Marker.

It is interesting that Aljbin Kurti constantly refers to the fact that citizens of one country cannot vote in the elections of another country. Even if in this case we are talking about two states, which it is not, he was not invited to speak about it – he was the one who, two years ago, voted in Tyranny, in the parliamentary elections in Albania, and that at a time when he was already the Prime Minister of Kosovo .

Source: Insider

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