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Black Friday is marked by numerous discounts and promotions that retailers prepare for this day. Interesting events are also organized for this day, which additionally motivate those who enjoy shopping to spend perhaps even more than the planned budget. And in Pirot, merchants announce discounts for Black Friday. In addition to the usual discounts in clothing stores, equipment, books, and even travel arrangements will be sold at lower prices.

Black Friday is the day when sellers race to attract customers with good service, interesting advertising, but also tempting promotions, and it is up to customers to enjoy shopping throughout the day – because on that day everything is subordinated to them.

Black Friday is on the calendar every year on a different date, but it’s always the last Friday in November. The phenomenon of the biggest sale comes from the biggest country of shopaholics – America. It is observed as the day after Thanksgiving, one of the most important holidays for American families. Since Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday of the month, Black Friday therefore falls on the last Friday in November.

The name “Black Friday” comes from an event more than a century and a half ago when a stock market disaster occurred. On Friday, November 24, 1864, the price of gold, after a period of great speculation, fell, and the markets crashed. Then economists called this day Black Friday, to vividly explain the enormous negative impact of this event on the economy.

The current name Black Friday best describes the chaos and huge queues in stores. Marketers have tried to rebrand it and present it as a day of fun and a good time for shopping with the whole family, instead of shopping crowds. The last Friday in November across the US has become the traditional day of the biggest discounts, for which many brands prepare all year, and some only have a higher sales turnover on this day than during the whole year.

The concept of this event began to spread throughout the rest of the world, especially in the area of ​​Western Europe, and a few years ago it also arrived in our country! Even though we don’t have Thanksgiving, the end of November is also the perfect time for us to do holiday shopping and announce our winter collections.

Pirot retailers also announce discounts in stores on Friday, November 24, and some will extend the discounts throughout the last weekend of November.

In some stores, they still don’t have a notification about discounts, but they believe that there will be because it has already become a practice in the last few years. Travel agencies sell packages all week at prices 20 to 30% lower than regular prices.

In the largest Laguna bookstore, a 20% discount is provided on the entire assortment on Friday and Saturday.

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