Caution due to ice, fog and landslides

Caution due to ice, fog and landslides
Caution due to ice, fog and landslides

Due to the announced low temperatures in the morning and evening hours, there is a possibility of occasional icing, especially on sections that extend along river courses, valleys and gorges, the Public Company “Roads of Serbia” announced this morning.

On the highway number 4 of the first A line, from the Bancarevo tunnel to the Bela Palanka interchange, there is fog that reduces visibility to 50 to 100m. In eastern Serbia, small landslides along unstable stone slopes and in gorges are frequent, mostly on the Đerdap highway, where it is advised to drive cautiously and obey the traffic signals that inform about landslides. Landslides also occur on the following routes: One B-23 Uzici – Uzice – Čajetina – Nova Varoš – Prijepolje – Gostun border crossing with Montenegro.

One B-28 Kneževići – Kremna – Kotroman border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina. One B-30 Mlanca – Studenica – Usce. Two A-210 Kopaonik – Rudnica. Two B-472 Perovac – Gokčanica – Goč On the road routes of the third priority of maintenance, the roads are wet in the lower areas, and there is snow in wet conditions up to five centimeters in the territory of Vranje. JP “Roads of Serbia” advises drivers not to go on the road without winter equipment and chains, and if they decide to travel, they should drive really cautiously and carefully, reports Tanjug.

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