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Tourist organization Zlatibor has published a new edition of its electronic newspaper.

The topic of the November issue is congress tourism in Zlatibor. The new edition reveals how this mountain of beautiful nature, rich heritage and clean air has become an inspiration and host to events that connect minds, create innovation and foster community. The new issue also announces the establishment of the Zlatibor Congress Bureau.

In this context, the November issue opens editorial prof. Dr. Mark Špilerdirector of the “Center for Management” and president of the Chamber of Public Procurement of Serbia, who is responsible for a large number of successfully organized seminars, trainings and workshops in Zlatibor.

In the section dedicated to Zlatibor viewpoints, we explore the most beautiful spots that offer an incredible view of the mountain landscape. This story invites readers to explore the natural beauty and enjoy the undiscovered parts of Zlatibor.

It will be especially interesting to readers text about the Zlatibor village of Dobroselica. The story brought by the column “From the past of Zlatibor” reveals the customs related to the celebration of the baptismal glory in the Zlatibor region.

The November issue of Electronic Newspaper presents new Zlatibor hotel “Queen of Zlatibor” whose doors are soon opening for lovers of luxury accommodation. Within the column “Zolagaji Zlatibor” was presented “Jelena Anzujska” restaurant.

The electronic newspaper of the Zlatibor Tourist Organization can be viewed here or downloaded below:

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  1. Electronic newsletter of the Zlatibor Tourist Organization – November 2023

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The article is in Serbian

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