RIK: So far, 11 lists have been announced

RIK: So far, 11 lists have been announced
RIK: So far, 11 lists have been announced

The Republic Election Commission (REC) announced 11 election lists for participation in the parliamentary elections on December 17.

Source: TanjugTuesday, 21.11.2023. | 12:24


Parties and coalitions have six more days to register if they want to participate in the election race.

So far, the election lists have been announced: “Aleksandar Vučić – Serbia must not stop”, “Ivica Dacić, Prime Minister of Serbia”, “Dr. Vojislav Šešelj – Serbian Radical Party”, the electoral list of the coalition of the Serbian Movement Doors and the Serbian Party Zavetnici “National gathering – state-building strength”, “Dr. Miloš Jovanović – HOPE for Serbia”, “Serbia against violence” and the People’s Party list “Safe choice. Serious people”.

From the list of minority parties, the lists “Union of Vojvodina Hungarians – for our president”, “Usame Zukorlić – United for Justice – SPP-DSHV”, “SDA Sandžaka – dr. Sulejman Ugljanin” and “Together for the future and development” of the Coalition have been announced. for peace and tolerance.

As for the elections in Belgrade, the City Election Commission (GIK) has so far announced the lists “Aleksandar Vučić – Belgrade must not stop”, “Ivica Dacić – Prime Minister of Serbia, Toma Fila – Mayor of Belgrade”, “Serbia against violence – Dobrica Veselinović – Prof. Dr. Vladimir Obradović”, “Milica Đurđević Stamenkovski – Boško Obradović – National Gathering – State Power”, “Dr. Miloš Jovanović – NADA for Belgrade” and “Russian Party – Slobodan Nikolić”.

In addition to them, the People’s Party “Safe Choice. Serious People” also submitted a list.

When it comes to elections in Vojvodina, the Provincial Election Commission (PIK) declared four lists: “Aleksandar Vučić Vojvodina must not stop”, “Ivica Dačić – Prime Minister of Serbia”, “Dr. Vojislav Šešelj – Serbian Radical Party” and “Russian Party – Serbs and Russians are brothers forever!”.

The lists “Union of Vojvodina Hungarians – for our president, for our community, for the future” and “Dr. Miloš Jovanović – NADA for Vojvodina” were handed over to PIK today.

Parties and coalitions can submit electoral lists for all elections on December 17 until November 26 at midnight, and the collective electoral list will be determined on December 1.

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