“This is the most promising city municipality in Belgrade” PHOTO – Belgrade – Society

“This is the most promising city municipality in Belgrade” PHOTO – Belgrade – Society
“This is the most promising city municipality in Belgrade” PHOTO – Belgrade – Society

The President of the Provisional Authority of the City of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić, visited Surčin today and toured the works in Puhalović Brothers Street, for which, along with other works in the center of this municipality, a total of more than 150 million dinars were allocated.

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He said that he also expects the traffic loop to connect to the “Milos Veliki” highway in Jakov to be completed as soon as possible.

Šapić pointed out that the City of Belgrade increased the municipal budgets to the level before the pandemic, and that one of the results of this was the construction of the traffic interchange in Jakov. Increasing the capital budget of municipalities, as he said, is a big deal, but that money is never enough.

“The reason why I am in Surčin today is the works in Braće Puhalović Street in the center of the municipality, which of course slows down the traffic and that is why we will speed them up. When it comes to the traffic loop for joining the “Miloš Veliki” highway in Jakov, we expect it to be finished as soon as possible. The work on the construction of the loop requires a large number of trucks and it would be disastrous if it all took place through the center of Surčin. I must admit that when I arrived today I arrived in just a few minutes from New Belgrade, which was not the case when you had to go from the other side of the highway or through the center of Surčin. Several streets in Surčin have already been widened, while a right lane is being “added” to Ulica Braće Puhalović, and we are also doing this in the central city municipalities,” Šapić said.

According to him, an analysis is currently being done on the possibility of building roundabouts, which, as he said, are essentially the future of traffic flow and the European standard.

“Construction of roundabouts is the right move in places where there is no need for extensive traffic signals, for example in Surčin, Lazarevac, parts of Čukarica and Zvezdara, and even in the city center and New Belgrade. Next year, we will start these works wherever there is a possibility to we would change the existing traffic architecture. Roundabouts have been a European standard for 30 years and light signaling exists only in places where there is no other solution,” Šapić added.

He emphasized that many of the smaller streets in Surčin have already been reconstructed, that the center is being renovated, and that the funds have been provided by the capital budget of the Municipality of Surčin.

“The city also helped, but the citizens should not be interested in who is doing the work, but rather that the part of the city they live in is improved and has a better quality of life. All Belgrade municipalities are beneficiaries of the city budget, and I can say that we have good communication. Every municipal president is struggling to secure as much money as possible and that’s how it should be. Municipal presidents do a hard job, which I experienced during more than ten years of running the municipality of Novi Beograd. Until now, Surčin has been characterized as a marginal municipality, but when you consider everything that has been announced for this municipality in the coming years, it is certain that there will be a kind of merger with New Belgrade. Nevertheless, despite this, Surčin will retain the “peace of life” that characterizes it now, like other municipalities that are not central. That is why it really “I think Surčin is the most promising city municipality in Belgrade. The construction of the national stadium and the fair will require major infrastructure works, which will mostly be carried out by city companies. All of this means, of course, that the residents of Surčin will benefit from it,” said Šapić.

The president of the Surčin municipality, Stevan Šuša, said that a lot of good things are being done in Surčin and a lot of construction is being done.

“Puhalović Brothers Street, considering the load and traffic, was completely ruined and it was necessary to replace the entire surface, and the works are now coming to an end. The completion of the interchange in Jakov will significantly ease the traffic in the center of Surčin. National highways are being built in Surčin stadium and fair for the international exhibition “Expo 2027″, and Surčin is one of the most promising municipalities in Belgrade”, said Šuša.

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