Ordered from Belgrade: Catastrophe – B92.NET

Ordered from Belgrade: Catastrophe – B92.NET
Ordered from Belgrade: Catastrophe – B92.NET

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Serbia, Mohamed Al Namur, warned that the Palestinians are facing a humanitarian disaster.

Source: TanjugTuesday, 21.11.2023. | 13:57 -> 14:35

Al Namur presented the joint position adopted by the Council of Arab Ambassadors and ambassadors of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation accredited in the Republic of Serbia.

“We emphasize that a just, lasting and comprehensive peace, which is a strategic choice, is the only way to guarantee security and stability for all the peoples of the region and that it will not be achieved without ending the Israeli occupation and resolving the Palestinian issue. It is impossible to achieve regional peace by bypassing the Palestinian issue or attempts to ignore the rights of the Palestinian people. That’s why we emphasize that the Arab Peace Initiative supported by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation represents a basic reference,” stated the joint position of Arab ambassadors Al Namur.

He added that since the beginning of the conflict, 13,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, including 5,500 children and 4,000 women, and as he stated, over 35,000 people, mostly children, women and the elderly, have been wounded.

Al-Namur reiterated the position of the Arab ambassadors that they consider Israel responsible for the continuation of the conflict and the escalation of the conflict, and he emphasized the “inability” of the UN Security Council to use international law to influence Israel to end its military operations.

Al Namur added that they refuse to characterize this war as self-defense or to justify it under any pretext.

“There is an urgent need to deliver humanitarian aid convoys, including food, medicine and fuel to the Gaza Strip and to invite international organizations to participate in this process,” Al Namur said.

He further condemned, as he said, Israel’s destruction of hospitals in Gaza and preventing the entry of medicine, food and fuel, cutting off the supply of electricity, water and basic foodstuffs, including communications and the Internet.

“All this represents a collective punishment against the Palestinian people, which according to international law is a war crime,” Al Namur said.

Al-Namur conveyed the position of the Arab ambassadors in which they condemn, as they stated, the extremist speeches of certain Israeli officials, including the statement of one of them that nuclear weapons should be used in Gaza.

“We condemn the killing of children and women, the targeting of medical personnel, journalists and employees of international organizations. We call on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to investigate the use of chemical weapons by Israel,” Al Namur said.

He concluded that the solution must be achieved by holding an international peace conference, through which a credible peace process will be launched based on international law and resolutions of international legitimacy, within a certain time frame and with international guarantees.

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