general crime – News from Sombor –

general crime – News from Sombor –
general crime – News from Sombor –

About 73 percent of crimes with an unknown perpetrator were solved, which, according to the reports, is about 24 percent more compared to the same period last year.

– The total number of crimes committed in the field of general crime is higher by about 30 percent, and the most numerous group consists of crimes against property, among which the most numerous are thefts and serious thefts. 13 criminal acts of domestic violence were registered, the same number as last year in this period. One criminal offense of robbery was registered, which was solved. In October 2022, one criminal act of robbery was also recorded – it is written in the report of the Police Administration in Sombor.

As stated, two criminal offenses were recorded: illegal crossing of the state border and people smuggling, while over 4,350 grams and about 1,130 pieces of drugs were seized in 38 seizures, mostly marijuana.. The Sombor police discovered three criminal acts of economic crime, with more reported perpetrators compared to last year’s October (4/2023 – 1/2022). Six kilograms of cut tobacco and 22 packs of cigarettes were confiscated. Two criminal acts of environmental crime were recorded.

– Regarding economic crime, at the end of October, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Sombor submitted a criminal complaint to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Sombor against a thirty-one-year-old man from Odzak due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that he committed the criminal offense of illegal trade. He is suspected of having, in the period from January to September 20 of this year, acquired veterinary drugs from different manufacturers whose circulation is limited and sold them through courier services to natural persons from the territory of the Republic of Serbia, without the appropriate permits from the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia, thereby obtaining illegal property benefit in the amount of about 409,700 dinars – it was announced in the police report. It was indicated that there were no significant violations of public order and peace, and that these offenses were reduced by about 14 percent in 2023. The number of perpetrators was reduced by about 12 percent. 128 public gatherings with around 17,900 participants were registered, as well as 145 security guards.

– Also, 19 requests for the initiation of misdemeanor proceedings due to offenses from the Law on Foreigners and the Law on Border Control were recorded – announced the Police Department in Sombor. When it comes to administrative affairs, in October 2023, approx 1,500 identity cards, about 1,000 passports, about 1,070 driver’s licenses and more than 1,670 traffic permits.

It was also announced that compared to October 2022, about 17 percent more traffic accidents were recorded. The traffic police sanctioned more than 140 violations of driving under the influence of alcohol (10% more), about 700 violations of exceeding the permitted speed (14% less), then about 70 percent more violations of not wearing a seat belt and about twice as many violations of using mobile phones during driving. Persons arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol are 40 percent more, and for driving under the influence of psychoactive substances are 60 percent less than in the same month in 2022..

– From November 6 to 12, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Traffic Police Administration conducted an action of increased traffic control aimed at detecting violations committed by drivers of buses and trucks. The action was carried out in 30 member states of the ROADPOL organization (Traffic Police Network of Europe). In this action, in the area of ​​the Police Department in Sombor, 427 trucks were stopped and controlled, and the majority of violations related to traffic signs and rules of driver behavior were detected.. 49 buses were stopped and controlled, and most of them were found to be in violation of exceeding the speed of the bus – it is written in the report of the Police Department in Sombor.

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