Farmers and the Government partially agreed: The blockades are ending, a new meeting will be held on Sunday in Kisac


The representatives of the farmers stated that after the conversation with Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and her associates, they will go to the checkpoints and inform their colleagues about what they have been offered in order to see if an agreement has been reached.

They announced that the tractors would be withdrawn from the roadblocks, but they would still be standing by the roads and waiting until the meeting in a few days.

The Secretary of the Initiative for the Survival of Agriculture, Mileta Slankamenac, stated that there is progress in fulfilling one of the basic requirements, which is the resolution of the commodity exchange issue.

He explained that it will have to be discussed further and that experts will also be involved, because, as it was established during the negotiations, the current Product Exchange in Novi Sad does not perform the kind of procedures that are needed to create forward commodity sales. This requires a change in the law, but due to the elections it is not possible at the moment. In the meantime, the Belgrade Stock Exchange could do that work until then.

According to him, in the coming period the most important thing for them is that the futures price be seen publicly, because it was realized that in Serbia there is no futures price, the so-called “futures” for March next year, and now they will work on it, and by Sunday they expect the final explanation of the government.

The President of the Initiative, Goran Filipović, says that for the subsidies, which is a request of 35,000 dinars (ie 300 euros) per hectare, they received an offer of 18,000 dinars directly, while the other 17,000 dinars would be justified through bills for seeds, fertilizer, chemistry and others.

He clarified that they will wait to see what the Ministry of Agriculture will finally offer on Sunday at the meeting, but that this is acceptable for now and that he will convey it to his colleagues at the roadblocks.

Farmer Miroslav Matković says that with regard to “flood diesel” they received an offer from the Government that all those who have NIS agricultural cards can buy it at a price of 179 dinars with a refund of 50 dinars, while others at other pumps can buy at the regular price and receive also a refund of 50 dinars.

Matković says that those who buy at non-NIS pumps will pay more expensive fuel, but will have some kind of refund, and for now he could not comment on this offer.

As he specified, he will leave it to his colleagues from the blockades to express themselves about this offer of the Government of Serbia.

The farmers also stated that Ana Brnabić, who promised, will come to Kisač on Sunday, together with the Minister of Agriculture, Jelena Tanasković. As they explained, it is planned that a certain number of journalists will be at that meeting so that the public will be familiar with all the details of the conversation.

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