The attack was recorded; The four got out and headed towards the car with Serbian plates; The police watched everything VIDEO

The attack was recorded; The four got out and headed towards the car with Serbian plates; The police watched everything VIDEO
The attack was recorded; The four got out and headed towards the car with Serbian plates; The police watched everything VIDEO

During the commemoration of Remembrance Day in Vukovar, on Saturday, an incident was recorded in which four young men attacked a car with Serbian license plates.

Source: TanjugTuesday, 21.11.2023. | 11:18 -> 11:56


The incident happened in front of the police.

Four younger men got out of a car with Vukovar license plates and, shouting, attacked another car with Serbian license plates with their hands and feet.

The video of this incident was published by the portal of the Croatian weekly Novosti, and according to the witness who recorded the attack, a car with the registration number Sombor was moving towards Vinkovci from the direction of Vukovar, at the exit from Nuštra.

The incident happened after 10 o’clock in the morning, at the same time when the Column of Remembrance was starting in Vukovar.

Everything took place in the presence of the police, and judging by the video, the police let the attackers go without interviewing them, let alone reporting them.

“They jumped in front of me, stopped a car with Serbian license plates by gesturing. They cursed, beat, tore off the rear-view mirror,” an eyewitness to the attack told the Novosti portal.

He said that he was moving slowly in the line of cars that day. In the opposite lane, from the direction of Vinkovci towards Vukovar, he spotted an “Audi” with Vukovar registrations and two young men who were peering waist-high from the back seat through the car window. Suddenly, he says, they changed direction and entered the other lane improperly, the one in which the passengers from Sombor were.

“They got in front of me and behind a vehicle with Serbian license plates. Then they started gesticulating, honking and ramming into that vehicle, they let them know to stop. Then I realized that something was not right, because of the day that also marked Serbian registrations. That’s why, as a precaution, I turned on the camera on my mobile phone. You can see that they cursed, pounded on the car and tore off the rear-view mirror. The video also shows that one of them is wearing a black T-shirt with the emblem of the HOS,” he said. a witness who wanted to remain anonymous.

The driver of the attacked car with Serbian license plates, after hitting the car several times and apparently trying to open the door, stepped on the gas and moved fifty meters away from the attackers. The question is whether the attack would have continued if a police van had not appeared on the road quite by chance.

A policeman got out of the police vehicle, but did not react to the four attackers, but went to the car with Serbian license plates.

It is also interesting that there was another police car in the immediate vicinity of the event. It seems that another policeman came out of it, but he also just watched as the “Audi” turned across the full line and went back in the direction of Vukovar.

Before the four young men returned to their car, one of them, the one in the HOS T-shirt, cursed the “Serbian mother” to the people in the attacked car.

The driver who filmed the incident gave a statement at the police station in Vinkovci, where he was told that the attacked students from Serbia were going to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“They also told me at the station that they gave up the prosecution and the private lawsuit, because they don’t want to go to court and be exposed to the public. They also told me that the damage to their car was there before. I won’t go into that, but between lines, I realized that nothing would come of it and that the report would end up in a drawer,” the eyewitness told Novosti.

He also said that a police van was nearby, even a police car, and two police officers were looking at it.

“The attackers got into the car and left, and the policemen stood and watched. It was nothing strange to anyone. I told the policeman that it doesn’t matter who I am and what plates are on my car, but to allow someone to attack someone so brutally and he doesn’t react to it, it’s really shameful,” said the witness of this event.

He added that, apart from this attack, the young men from the “Audi” endangered everyone else on the road, as well as that they committed several traffic violations and almost caused a collision due to inappropriate speed.

“I don’t know why they should be treated with understanding. They endangered all of us in that column, and they were let go just like that,” said the eyewitness.

They say that Novosti sent a question to the Vukovar-Srem Police Department about the incident and their actions, and they will publish the answer when they receive it.

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