Here’s how much the age pension limit for women is moving

Here’s how much the age pension limit for women is moving
Here’s how much the age pension limit for women is moving

The regulations say that the condition in 2024 is that they must be 63 years and eight months old and have at least 15 years of insurance experience, while the same condition applies to men, i.e. a 65-year-old baptismal certificate.

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Shifting retirement requirements

The law prescribes a shift in the age requirement for women until 2032, when the conditions for both sexes will be equal, 65 years of age and at least 15 years of insurance experience. In addition to this basic old-age pension, insured persons of both sexes can exercise this right after completing 45 years of insurance, regardless of age.

Women retiring in 2025 will have to work until they turn 63 years and 10 months, and ladies retiring in 2026 will have to turn 64.

Early retirement under the same conditions

If you have 40 years of service and 60 years of life as of January 1, 2024, both men and women will be able to retire early. In this case, the pension is permanently reduced by 0.34 percent for each month before reaching the prescribed age for acquiring the right to an old-age pension in that calendar year, with a maximum of 20.4 percent.

There are 1.65 million pensioners on the list

At the end of last year, there were a total of 1,651,890 pensioners in Serbia. During 2022, 92,045 people retired, while 100,615 pensioners died, so their benefits were permanently suspended.

Average pension in September it was 37,797 dinars. Pensioners in the capital have the highest incomes, receiving about 48,973 dinars per month, but there is a big difference among Belgrade pensioners by municipality. In Savski venac, the average is 60,411 dinars, while in Mladenovac it is almost half as low – 34,786 dinars.

Pensioners in the municipalities of Žabari and Malo Crniće have the lowest monthly incomes, around 19,000 dinars, while in Osečina, Ražnje and Varvarin they are around 22,000 dinars.


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