Crowds at counters due to electricity bills, EPS director: No reason to worry


Households usually receive their electricity bills around the 15th of the month, but due to the strike at the Post Office, many have not yet received their October bills. Citizens say they are worried that they will have to pay late interest if they don’t pay their bills on time, and they don’t want to be left without a five percent discount for regular payments.

Executive Director of Supply at EPS Radovan Stanic says for RTS that there is no cause for concern, “we are confident that the bills will arrive on time”.

Today is November 21, the deadline for payment is the 28th. We expect that the largest number of our citizens will be able to pay their bills on time and get the five percent discount that is available for regular payments“, adds Stanić.

Stanić says that EPS handed over all invoices to Pošta for distribution.

We truly expect all customers to receive their invoice within the payment deadline. Regardless, we suggest that everyone visit the portal where they can gain insight into their accounts and that portal offers a number of possibilities. You can see your spending for the last three years, all your payments for the last three years. It offers you the option to collect the bill and even has the option to pay it, so there is no need to queue at the counters“, explains Stanić for RTS.

He points out that there is a payment of twenty dinars, which is not the cost charged by EPS, but the cost of the banking institution through which the payment is made.

“You yourself know that this commission is far less than paying at the counters of post offices and some banks“, adds Stanić.

Some utility companies have already postponed payment deadlines precisely because of the strike at the Post Office. When asked if EPS is thinking of doing the same, Stanić says that they are monitoring the situation on the ground and will act accordingly.

I say once again that by using the portal, there is no need to wait for the postman, push in lines and wait for a copy of the bill.“, said Stanić.

How many citizens are entitled to a discount?

Speaking about how many citizens are entitled to a discount, Stanić points out that the largest number of citizens regularly settle their obligations.

Even up to 62 percent of our citizens pay their bills on time and receive a five percent discount. It is somewhere on the level of two million to two million and 100,000 citizens who get a discount every month“, Stanić states.

From October to March, citizens can get a discount of 20 to 40 percent based on savings.

More than 56 percent of citizens managed to achieve a discount on rational consumption by reducing their consumption by more than five percent compared to one of the two Octobers, October last year and October the year before last. Thus, the total consumption for October this year is about 7.5 percent lower compared to the same period last year, and even 19 percent lower compared to October 2021.“, emphasizes Stanić.

He says that the citizens took seriously the opportunity to save money, and on the other hand, they took advantage of the possibility of rational use of electricity.

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