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local framework, the Tourist Organization is increasingly appearing as a co-organizer of important local events, which are, in fact, a very important addition to the overall offer with which many other areas have long attracted guests. Namely, about twenty such events a year in Prijepolje have a common but very important partner – the Tourist Organization, which is increasingly appearing in a significantly more important role than co-organizer.

In terms of tradition and mass, the Komaran košija leads the way, which this year saw its 53rd edition on Boreta’s hill in Komaran. This is the oldest such manifestation in the wider area of ​​Western Serbia, and the number of visitors, which, depending on the weather conditions, can be as many as ten thousand, deserves every respect. They have been aware of this for a long time in the Tourist Organization, which is the co-organizer and the real initiator of many activities that take place every May 1 on Boreta Hill. Along with the iconic horse race on a 1,300-meter-long track, the regular program includes some national all-around disciplines such as shoulder throwing and standing long jump. Since this year, the increasingly popular “Traktorijad” has been expanded and enriched, which means that Komaran košija is moving in step with similar manifestations.

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The Lim regatta has been going on for 24 years, so as an expression of love and respect for the river Lim, it is an important offer of the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje. According to tradition, the regatta starts from Lake Plav and runs on the first day to Beran, on the second day there is a stage from Beran to Bijelo Polje, and it ends with the third section from Kumanica to Petrovac beach near Prijepolje. It is organized in the summer period, and besides TO Prijepolje, the organizers are the tourist organizations of Plav, Andrijevica, Beran and Bijelo Polje in cooperation with local rafting clubs.

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Since 1998, a competition in diving from a natural rock has been held on the beach of Petrovac in Lim. Ten years later, the event was named “Pajo Potežica Memorial” after the leader of the activities on the arrangement of this beach and the initiator of organizing the competition in this demanding sports discipline. The Acting Director of the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje, Petar Vasiljević, announced new contents for the coming summer because, as he said, the “Pajo Potežica Memorial” has a unique significance for this organization.

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The Fishing Cup is another manifestation on the water signed as a co-organizer by the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje, whose support is very important for the organizer – Fishing Society “Lim” from Prijepolje.

In memory of tragically killed colleagues Ivana Rakonjac and Safet Planić, the Tourist Organization organizes a 3-on-3 memorial basketball tournament called “For Ivana and Saja” every summer. The tournament gathers a large number of teams from Prijepolje and the surrounding towns and has been held, in recent years, on the field in the Park of National Heroes in the Vakuf.

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“Kosačka moba” has been held in Kamena Gora for ten years. It brings together a large number of participants who compete in the manual mowing of mountain grass. It is organized by the Association of Citizens “Majkina Duša” and the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje.

One of the manifestations that is one of the hallmarks of the summer in Prijepolje are certainly the “Lim gifts” which, after a short break, have been “restarted” and are offered in a new edition, along with the traditional selection of the “best Prijepolje son-in-law” and the selection of the “best Prijepolje daughter-in-law”. There is also a competition for the best but also the worst fish soup cooked from Lima fish.

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“Honey is a medicine for a long life” is one of the more long-lasting manifestations that complete the summer pleasure of staying in Prijepolje. The organizers of the event that promotes natural honey and other bee products are valuable members of the Association of Beekeepers, the sponsor is the municipality of Prijepolje, and the co-organizer is the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje. This year, the international character of the event was “certified” by the participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. 20 selected beekeepers exhibited at the 16th Honey and Bee Products Fair.

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For the fifteenth year in a row, the Prijepolje Women’s Forum and Television Forum, with the help of friends of the action, are organizing the contest for the Most Beautiful Flower Oases of Prijepolje, Nova Varoš and Priboj.

After the deadline for applications, photos of flower corners are published on a specially opened FB page, where all flower lovers directly vote for the most beautiful garden or balcony of the annual campaign.

“July Fires” is the name of the memorial tournament in indoor soccer organized in Vijevac on Jadovnik mountain. It was organized for the first time in 1976 with the participation of 4 teams. Already in 1984, it had 39 registered teams, but there was a break in its organization. It was renovated in 2019.

Following the example of some other areas, in Prijepolje, more precisely in the village of Kosatica, the “Michael Meeting of the Villages” event has been held for several years. Conceived as a combination of fun, sports, folk creativity, good food and good drinks, the manifestation attracts an increasing number of participants and visitors.

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This year, competitions were held in all-around, tug-of-war and pulling logs with ox carts. A volleyball tournament for young people was organized, and for the first time, a chess tournament.

Esad Kurbegović Memorial” was organized for the fourth time in Brodarevo and Prijepolje. Rafter competitions in Lim were held in several categories. R4 (four crew members), sprint, parallel sprint and downhill.

The organizer of the event is the Rafting Association of Serbia and rafting clubs, and it is supported by the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje.

The fourth edition of the Festival of domestic products of our region was also held this year. 19 exhibitors from Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated.

The festival, with the aim of promoting traditional products and handicrafts of our region, is organized by the Association of Citizens “Sedobro” with the support of the Tourist Organization of Prijepolje.

The text was created within the project “Forgotten tourist pearls of Polimlja”. The drafting of the text was co-financed by the Municipality of Prijepolje from funds for co-financing projects for the realization of public interest in the field of public information on the territory of the Municipality of Prijepolje in 2023. The views expressed in the supported media project do not necessarily express the views of the authority that allocated the funds.

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