Are there enough places in the Shelter in Vranje?

Are there enough places in the Shelter in Vranje?
Are there enough places in the Shelter in Vranje?

When they leave their home, when they are gripped by hunger, cold and loneliness, they find refuge in the Shelter. Some of them temporarily, to spend the winter in warm rooms, with regular meals, while others spend several years there.

“I’m in the Shelter because I had nowhere to live, I was on the street for two years and then they offered me this place” says Darko Jelak, from Pancevo.

“I’m fine here, I don’t have any problems”, she is satisfied Slobodanka Vukadinovska, from Trgoviste.

“To spend that winter and after that to return to some of my life and some work. How are you satisfied here? I am extremely satisfied, they are very communicative, they like to help in everything”, explains Nenad Nikolić, from Belgrade.

In the Shelter, they have medical, social, psychological and legal assistance, three meals, their own corner, and round-the-clock care.

“We help them with registration on the Labor Market, medical certificate for further accommodation, since it is our institution, they can stay there for up to six months”, emphasizes Snezana Tasić, social worker at the Shelter for the elderly in Vranje.

On average, the shelter accommodates 30 users, in the winter months they take care of even more. Apart from the Pčinj district, there are also requests from Pancevo and Požarevac, because the shelter in Mala Krsna is closed.

“If the weather conditions demand it and if more beds are requested, we will respond to every call, we will not allow any person to remain uncared for even on cold days, as it were, on the street.” highlights Ivana Tasić, director of the Center for the Development of Local Social Protection Services in Vranje.

They spend cold autumn days in warm rooms, socialize with board games, knit, draw, play chess, and organize workshops.

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