Serbia in the series “Europe from above” premiered in 120 countries

Serbia in the series “Europe from above” premiered in 120 countries
Serbia in the series “Europe from above” premiered in 120 countries

In the premiere episode of the documentary series “Europe from Above”, Serbia will receive 50 minutes of the best advertising, free of charge, thanks to which viewers all over the planet will have the opportunity to get to know our homeland through all seasons. And from a perspective from which it has never been shown before. Milana Petrović, editor-in-chief of the edition of National Geography for Serbia and Dragan Glišović, a drone pilot, who filmed the series “Europe from Above”, were guests in the morning program of RTS.

“The series Europe from above it has been around for three seasons, this is the fourth, and somehow and logically our part of Europe came next. The trailer has been shared many times, the reactions are excellent, we are very proud and we are impatiently waiting to see our Serbia from above, seen through the eyes of National Geography, whose standards are really high,” said Milane Petrović, editor-in-chief of National Geography for Serbia.

Dragan Glišović, a drone pilot, who filmed “Serbia from above” pointed out that the filming was demanding because the people from National Geography had certain wishes for the locations that should be filmed in an appropriate way. Already in August of the previous year, preparations began for filming in the most beautiful locations in Serbia that we could present to the world. Filming began in September and lasted until February 2022.

“I have been doing this business for a long time, this was something special, so we tried to choose the most beautiful locations to present to the world.” There was another drone operator in the team, the producer was Ivan Lazič, our man from London who helped us a lot,” said Dragan Glišović.

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