We are sacrificed in a political game

We are sacrificed in a political game
We are sacrificed in a political game

The young European ambassador and participant of Europride 2022, Velimir Milošev from Novi Sad, said that he was beaten on the streets of Belgrade when he was returning from a concert organized after a short walk on September 17 and assessed that the participants of that manifestation were “victimized in a political game”.

Milosev told the Vojvodina newspaper Autonomija that the biggest threat to Pride participants was returning home after the event itself, which he saw for himself when he left the Tašmajdan concert with his friends.

“The police were everywhere, however, it was already dark and we waited for our friend in front of a building so that she would not go alone. We were about thirty meters away from the police. They secured the entire street. We thought we were safe. However, we were surrounded by a group of young men, between 10 and 15 of them, who in my estimation were no older than 18 years old. They surrounded us from both sides, shouted various insults, threatened violence and we realized that we had to run. As we started to run, I just felt a blow to my jaw, fell and hurt my knees. I got up and started limping. We ran to the police. Those young men did not follow us any further,” said Milošev.

He added that after that they reported the case to the policemen who were nearby, but their reaction was “cold and absurd”.

“They only told us that in order to file a complaint, we should first go to the doctor in order to get proof that there was physical violence, that is, that someone hit me, which is absurd, because everything happened right there on the street,” said Milošev.

He stated that, when that incident happened, he was with friends from European countries who “came to express solidarity, and experienced traumas that they will carry with them.”

When asked to comment on the officials’ statements that “the walk did not happen”, Milošev said that the walk did happen, but that the story that arose around Pride was “a politicized game where the rights of LGBT people were played.”

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