Woody hot dogs ordered withdrawn in Serbia due to listeria

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BELGRADE – The Veterinary Administration is carrying out an emergency control and prohibits the further distribution of “Vudi” brand cured sausage imported from Italy, which is contaminated with Listeria bacteria.

The Administration informed on its website that information on contamination was received for that product from the European Union’s rapid notification system.

They state that bacteria can cause food poisoning, especially in sensitive categories of the population.

– According to the current information, quantities in packages of one kilogram, 250 grams, 240 grams and 150 grams have been imported into Serbia – the Administration states.

vudi hot dogs
photo: Veterinary Administration, Printscreen

It is emphasized that they carry out urgent control of imported shipments, the further distribution of which will be prohibited, and the product that has reached the market will be immediately withdrawn and harmlessly destroyed.

Information about mackerel from Croatia

The State Inspectorate of the Republic of Croatia has published information for consumers about the recall of the product Adriatic Queen, “Mackerel fillets in olive oil”, weight 105 g, lot number L12/03/20 V4, due to the possibility of the appearance of “struvite” crystals, produced by “Sardina doo”. , Postira, Croatia.

Struvite crystals are formed by combining the natural, normal constituents of the flesh of all seafood after the fish has been sterilized in a can. Struvites do not pose a risk to human health, because they dissolve in the stomach and do not accumulate in the body as harmful substances.

However, as these crystals can be up to 1 cm in size and resemble glass, they can lead, especially in the younger population, to mechanical damage to the oral cavity and upper digestive organs. According to information from RASFF Croatia, the disputed lot was placed on the market of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The investigation carried out in Serbia established that the contested lot of canned mackerel is not currently in circulation on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Kurir.rs/Administration for veterinary medicine



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