CHANGE OF SUN AND CLOUDS Cold until the end of the week, and here’s what kind of change awaits us at the weekend

In Serbia today, changeable and cold with alternating sunny and cloudy intervals, and occasionally short-term rain or a local downpour is expected, which may be accompanied by thunder in some places.

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22.09.2022. 07:20

Photo: Zoran Ilić / RAS Serbia

rain 4 photo RAS Zoran Ilic

The wind is weak to moderate, in the east of Serbia occasionally strong, northwesterly. The lowest temperature from 4 to 10, and the highest from 15 to 19 degrees, announced the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute.

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Changeable and cold in Belgrade, with alternating sunny and cloudy intervals, occasionally with short-term rain or local showers.

Wind weak to moderate, northwesterly. The lowest temperature is around 8 and the highest is around 16 degrees.

In Serbia, the mornings will be cold until the end of the week, especially on Saturday, when there will be conditions for light frost on the ground in places and in the lower areas, while frost is expected at a height of two meters on the high mountains.

During the day on Friday, it will still be fresh – mostly sunny in the north of Serbia, and partly cloudy in the hilly and mountainous regions, only in some places with short-term rain.

During the weekend, a more noticeable increase in daily temperatures, and south and southeast winds will start blowing.

Mostly sunny in all areas on Saturday.

On Sunday, the cloudiness will gradually increase, and then until Tuesday it will be moderately to completely cloudy, but relatively warm, occasionally with rain and local showers with thunder, especially in the north, west and southwest of the country.

Windy in the Košava area. A little fresher since Wednesday, with clearing.

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