THE LATEST WARNING OF RHMZ The north of the country has turned white, by the end of the week SNOW is possible in these parts of Serbia

Meteorologists of the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ) announced a storm with thunder in the next two hours in some parts of Serbia.

22.09.2022. 20:08

Photo: Milan Ilić / Ringier

Rain, storm

The announcement refers to the western and central part of Serbia, as well as to the wider area of ​​Belgrade, where short-term rain or showers with thunder are possible.

In the latest announcement of RHMZ, which was published at 8:30 p.m., meteorologists warn of bad weather in the next week.

– Until the end of the week, the mornings will be cold, especially on Saturday, when there will be conditions for light ground frost in some places and in the lower areas, while frost is expected at a height of 2 m on the high mountains – warned the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute.

A more noticeable increase in daily temperatures is possible for the weekend.

– On the weekend, a more noticeable increase in daily temperatures, and the south and southeast winds will start blowing. On Saturday, after a clear morning, it will be slightly to moderately cloudy during the day, and rain and showers with thunder are expected again on Sunday afternoon and on Monday, first in the north, west and southwest of Serbia – they state in the announcement.

Announcement of RHMZ

Photo: RHMZ / screenshot

Announcement of RHMZ

In the videos circulating on social networks, it can be seen that the northern parts of Serbia were hit by a heavy downpour, followed by hail, which “beat” for a few minutes.

In Ugrinovci, the streets were completely white from the amount of hail that fell,

Let us remind you that a big storm hit Novi Sad, the villages near Vrbas, but also Stara Pazova, where the streets turned white due to heavy hail.

The city was also accompanied by showers, which made traffic difficult for drivers who found themselves on the roads in the north of the country this afternoon.

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