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After serving 15 years in prison for multiple rapes and robberies, Igor Milošević is free again.

Source: Courier

Multiple rapist Igor Milosevic (44) was released after 15 years in prison, and was convicted of rape, illicit sexual acts and robberies, committed in 2007, right after he was released from prison for the same crimes!

IM was incarcerated in the Nova Skela Penitentiary, and the authorities from this institution promptly informed the police when his sentence was about to expire, Kurir reports. IM, he chose his victims randomly, mostly unprotected women, workers in boutiques, beauty salons, newsagents… During the attack for which he was convicted, as he himself admitted at the trials, he was violent and carried a cold weapon.

Started at 14 years old

“IM was convicted three times and spent almost 30 years in prison for a series of rapes and robberies he committed on the territory of Belgrade. He started committing crimes in 1992, when he was only 14 years old. Then he attacked nine women in three days, of which he raped four. After that, he was convicted and remained in prison for almost 10 years, until 2001 – recalls our source and adds:

However, just one month after he was released from prison, he continued his terrible streak and attacked three more women, one of whom he raped, and committed as many as eight robberies, for which he was sentenced to six years in prison. Not long after leaving the second prison, IM repeated the attacks and robberies.

“When he was arrested again in 2007, he described in detail that he entered the boutique in Vračar with a knife and forced the worker to go to the cabin and undress, and then he put the knife to her throat and raped her,” says the interlocutor:

The next in line was an optician’s worker, whom he attacked in Voždovac and again took 5,000 dinars and three pairs of glasses at the threat of a knife. Some time later, a shop worker recognized him in the building and called the police, but he ran away because customers started coming“, he points out.

Source: Courier

He is about 175 centimeters tall, has a dark complexion and dark hair, and has a strong build. When pronouncing the last verdict, the judge stated “that he is a socially dangerous person”.

After the news that he was at large, citizens started sharing his photo and warning on social networks. Some Instagram users wrote “that they allegedly heard that he had already started working as a taxi driver”.

Dangerous to society

Lawyer Nebojša Milosavljević explains for Kurir that people like IM are “dangerous to society.”

“In my career, I have defended a number of such people and I can say that they are all disturbed individuals who prison sentences do not help to improve. They only remove them temporarily from society, so that they cannot commit these acts during that period, but it is being done about people with whom there will be problems for the rest of their lives. The only thing that can possibly prevent them from repeating the crime is that the state keeps a constant eye on them. The vast majority of them are recidivists and there is no punishment that could cure them,” says Milosavljević.


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