“See what this is, like this, under manual labor!”

“See what this is, like this, under manual labor!”
“See what this is, like this, under manual labor!”

Living in a peaceful plain, it seems, Vojvodina managed to save the people of Vojvodina from the hectic lifestyle, as well as the daily physical activity practiced by residents of slightly more hilly towns and villages, going on foot. That’s why, for those in weaker shape, going to the mountain creates a headache, and when you still have to work there, then it’s a real pain.

23.09.2022. 12:09

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A native of Vojvodina on Zlatibor

That ordeal was explained in three words by one worker, apparently sent from the plains no less than to Zlatibor, and the whole Twitter laughs at his whining.

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Filmed while working with colleagues, the tortured worker was most likely speaking to his superior, and the video of his ordeal went viral immediately after it was posted.

“… and to Zlatibor and to work and to me. Don’t find any more work there! In the f**** motherland, in the hills, there are no plains of ours. See what it is, like this, under manual labor. Fuck him !”, complains the worker in the video, while the others laugh, but do not stop their work.

The man from Vojvodina immediately gathered the sympathy of Twitter users and made them laugh, so the comments started pouring in.

“Curse for the people of Vojvodina hehehehe”, “A nice man explained”, “King”, “I watch a hundred times, I’m dying”, “That’s how I was when I first went to Mirijevo to my current husband and then boyfriend, I said now I’ve come to you and you won’t to see me, if I had come to Kopaonik, I would die three times to the market and back”, “Noticed and concluded that because of that uphill and downhill Belgrade women have beautiful legs”, “Well he said well”, read some of the comments.

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