Arrested for kamagra

According to the order of the Second Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RS, Department for the Suppression of Economic Crime, UKP, detained ZL (37) on Wednesday on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of manufacturing and placing on the market harmful products.

– During the search of the suspect, drugs for the potency of “Kamagra” were found in the backpack, for which the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices did not issue a permit, i.e. it was not registered on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and which he sold by contacting customers who they contacted him on the basis of advertisements that he pasted at bus stops and flags in the territory of the Čukarica municipality – the Second Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade announced. According to reports, the police found another 23 boxes of this “medicine” in the suspect’s apartment.

photo: Profimedia

– Yesterday, the suspect was brought to the Second OJT in Belgrade, where he was questioned by the on-duty deputy public prosecutor and after the hearing, during which he admitted to the commission of the criminal offense, an agreement was concluded on the admission of the criminal offense before the Second Basic Court in Belgrade, and he was sentenced to a prison sentence of 10 months and at the same time it was determined that it will not be carried out unless he commits a new criminal offense during the three-year probation period, and he was also fined, as well as the security measure of confiscation of objects, i.e. medicines – it was confirmed for Kurir .


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