This is what Ada Adaktar used to look like

Ara Adaktar, sister of Adam Adaktar, just like all members of this family, changed her personal description with plastic surgery.

23.09.2022. 14:33

Photo: Pink / youtube

Ara Adaktar

Although very little is known about Ara in the public, and it is not known what school she goes to, now her old photos have surfaced in which she does not look like herself.

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Ara Adaktar

Photo: Pink / youtube

Ara Adaktar

In the mentioned photo, published on Twitter, Ara is without a trace of makeup, fillers, but also without silicone accessories.

Ara wore a fixed prosthesis a few years ago, she didn’t have her lips done, but she didn’t have the famous white, reddened teeth, nor the famous eyebrows of the “adacterka”. People were shocked by her appearance, since now she has a much more attractive appearance.

She allegedly spent a lot of money on the appearance of Ara, and in euros the total would amount to around 3,100 euros, Republika writes:

– 600 euros for lips

– 500 euros for an eyebrow adapter

– 1,500 euros for new teeth

– 500 euros for a fixed prosthesis

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