There is no “new framework” for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, contacts are ongoing

There is no “new framework” for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, contacts are ongoing
There is no “new framework” for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, contacts are ongoing

EU envoy Miroslav Lajčak continues contacts with the aim of “building on the momentum after the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina on personal documents”, but there is no “new framework” of the EU for the Dialogue, as some media in the region announced, sources in the Beta agency told to the European Commission.

European diplomatic officials have conveyed that it is crucial that there is no new tightening, bearing in mind the intention of the authorities in Pristina to change license plates for Kosovo Serb vehicles by October 1.

Peter Stano, spokesman for EU High Representative Josep Borrell, told Betti that there is simply no such thing as the alleged EU document, which, according to an Albanian media outlet, was presented to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Kosovo Prime Minister Aljbin Kurti.

What that media published, underlined Stano, “is not true, we in the EU have never seen such a text and it certainly does not come from the EU team that is involved in the Dialogue”.

Borel’s press representative stated that the EC never comments on media articles that attribute the authorship of some documents to the European Union, neither when it comes to the originality nor the substance.

But he explained that in this case it is advisable to refute such claims in order to remove even the slightest confusion.

Serbian President Vučić stated that he was given it for inspection, but that he did not accept the “paper” presented to him during his visit to Belgrade by the EU mediator Lajcak and the special envoys of the French President and the German Chancellor, Emmanuel Bonn and Jens Pletner.

Diplomats in Brussels say that it is certainly clear that there are proposals and ideas that are being discussed and negotiated with Vučić and Kurti.

But they pointed out that it is a complex procedure that will be based on gradual agreements, settlements, rather than on the basis of some rounded final plan for settling the relations between Belgrade and Pristina, although it is true that the EU, especially Berlin and Paris, want this with new strong commitment. as well as Washington included in the Dialogue.

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