We have prepared a six-year recovery plan!

We have prepared a six-year recovery plan!
We have prepared a six-year recovery plan!

Photo: OFK Belgrade

He provided funds and a six-year recovery plan and appealed to the fans to work with the management to help the famous club return to where it belongs – in the elite domestic competition.

He said he had prepared a six-year recovery plan:

– It is based on the fact that we will have two years to overcome all problems and climb to the professional level of the competition. When we climb to the second league, we also have two years to finally return to the elite part of the competition, where OFK’s reputation, history and quality belong- stated Vuksanović, as reported by “B92”.

Vuksanovic called on the fans to unite with the management and those who wish the club well in order to create a “harmonious, fraternal, winning and friendly atmosphere”.

– To give birth to what we want, for OFK to return to the Super League. I’m a little emotional, this all affects me a lot, I have the purest intentions and I know I will succeed in them. I am surrounded by good people. I appeal to the fans to stop being negative, to get down to business and let’s reach our victory hand in hand. I want all this to be overcome and for OFK to be what it is – an elite team in both Serbian and European football – said Vuksanovic.

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