Attractive actress with children and horses in New Belgrade

The office of the local community “Naš Blok 22” organizes an equestrian sports day in the central park of Block 22 in New Belgrade, with children socializing and riding horses. The unusual manifestation will be held on Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m., between Arsenij Čarnojević and Zoran Đinđić boulevards in New Belgrade.

photo: KK Prestige

This event is organized in cooperation with KK “Prestige” from the Belgrade Hippodrome, behind which stands Nina Šobota, who was a frequent guest on television with a national frequency these days.

She spoke publicly about manipulations in numerous riding schools, as well as sexual predators among riding instructors, who shamelessly attack young girls, even girls who increasingly choose to ride horses.

“Our goal is to bring children closer to nature and these noble animals that have a therapeutic effect. Children develop empathy towards other living beings, and have a very positive effect on children’s mental health and for better coordination of movements as well as rapid muscle development,” stated KK Pestiž, in which they have as many as 13 horses and, for our conditions, very good conditions in the stable circle at the oldest sports facility in Belgrade!

KK Prestige
photo: KK Prestige

Nina Šobota announced that the promoter will be the famous and attractive actress Teodora Bjelica, who is a member of KK Prestige. By the way, Teodora Bjelica is a new face in equestrian sports.

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