“Gradina kamenolom” denies that it pollutes and that it has anything to do with the beaten activist

“Gradina kamenolom” denies that it pollutes and that it has anything to do with the beaten activist
“Gradina kamenolom” denies that it pollutes and that it has anything to do with the beaten activist

The director of the company “Gradina Kamenolom” Miloš Dobrijević denied that the company had anything to do with the beating of the activist Miroslav Perović and emphasized that they have not been carrying out work in the town of Pogradina for a year. The director also denies that “Gradina quarry” pollutes drinking water.

Dobrijević spoke out after Branka Jeftić Marković, one of the activists of the “Defend Gradina” initiative, stated that the incident with the beating of Miroslav Perović in Belgrade, and others that are happening in their area, is connected with the attempts of the company “Gradina Kamenolom” in Podgradina build a quarry. She also said that their drinking water has become cloudy in recent days, and she links this to the illegal reservoir built by the worker of “Gradina Kamenoloma”.

The director of the company states in a statement that they have been suffering media attacks for months by individuals who appear in public posing as environmental activists. “Obviously, in the past few days, there has been an acceleration of this, we can say, permanent campaign against us and our business, in order to divert attention from the real environmental problems faced by the residents of the municipality of Kosjerić”, he points out in the announcement.

“Gradin kamenoloma” also says that they have not been carrying out work for a year, nor are they able to access the plots that are owned by them. “Despite this, it was stated that our company pollutes drinking water, which represents another in a series of false accusations that tend to be placed with the aim of damaging the reputation of our company,” the statement reads.

“Therefore, we would like to emphasize that the allegations of the activist, published in the text ‘Podgradina residents, the construction of the quarry muddied the drinking water’ are completely incorrect and that the story about the ‘discreet connection’ of our company with the beating of the activist was purposely placed so that the public would get the impression that our company stands behind this criminal act and in order to create a negative attitude about us and our business within the local community”, says the director of that company and adds:

“Just as in the previous period we proved through the courts that the reports filed against us were unfounded and false, we will also prove that these allegations are not true.” We remind the public that the company ‘Gradina Kamenolom’ has all the necessary permits and that, following the legal procedure, we have started our activities in this area. Those who have been making untrue claims about us for months and who are endangering the safety of our employees with their public statements know this,” the announcement reads.

The director of “Gradina kamenoloma” also states that any act of aggression and possible attacks on property or employees will be treated as a consequence of the campaign being conducted against them.

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