THEY STOLE BUSES AND TRUCKS AND SOLD THEM A group was legally convicted for serious theft

THEY STOLE BUSES AND TRUCKS AND SOLD THEM A group was legally convicted for serious theft
THEY STOLE BUSES AND TRUCKS AND SOLD THEM A group was legally convicted for serious theft

The Court of Appeal in Belgrade sentenced four members of an organized criminal group to prison terms, because in 2010 they stole trucks and buses in Europe, transported them to Serbia and sold them abroad.

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23.09.2022. 17:34

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Dragan Dulić, who has been identified as the leader of an organized criminal group, was sentenced to three years in prison for committing the extended criminal offense of aggravated theft, and was sentenced to the security measure of confiscating five international transport permits, blank traffic permits, and blank international tickets. for car insurance and blank certified insurance policy.

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For the same crime, Ante Kamenjašević was sentenced to one year and three months in prison, Danijel Čalić and Branka Keravica were sentenced to one year in prison each.

According to Kamenjašević, the second-instance court dismissed the accusation of aggravated theft in complicity and upheld part of the first-instance verdict in which Radoslav Olujić was acquitted of the charge that during April 2010 in Novi Sad and Zagreb, together with Stevan Dulić, Keravic and the now convicted Alen Manojlović, committed the crime of aggravated theft.

According to Aleksandar Dulić, the court of first instance rejected the accusation that in December and November 2010 in Novi Sad and Vienna, he committed the criminal offense of aggravated theft and attempted aggravated theft as part of an organized criminal group.

Also, the first-instance court rejected the accusation against Dragan Dulic and Aleksandar Dulic that on November 20, 2010 in Vienna, they committed the criminal offense of special cases of forgery.

According to the opinion of the Appellate Court, Stevan Dulić, according to whom the indictment was dismissed, and Dragan Dulić from July to the end of 2010 are the organizers of this organized criminal group, and its members are Keravica and Kamenjašević.

Dragan Dulić, Branka Keravica and Ante Kamenjašević were found guilty of stealing buses and trucks for financial gain from April to December 2010 on the territory of Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and other European countries. with them, they changed the identification mark, chassis and engine numbers, put on fake plates and sold them.

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