Artworks of Belgrade are available to citizens in the new Hall of the City Museum

Mayor Aleksandar Šapić opened today the new exhibition hall of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, where exhibitions of contemporary domestic and foreign authors from the field of culture and art, as well as educational content, will be held in the future. The salon, located at Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 30-32, was officially opened with the exhibition “Unplugged – art without electricity”, which featured works from the recent history of art from the Museum’s collection.

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23.09.2022. 15:29

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Artworks of Belgrade available to citizens

On that occasion, the Mayor praised the location where the Salon is located, stressing that it will serve to bring the cultural assets of the City closer to the citizens.

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– What is certainly far more important is the major reconstruction of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, for which, unfortunately, the tender was dropped two or three times because the prices increased due to objective circumstances. I hope that the tender will go through by the end of the year, and we are talking about a major reconstruction that should last three years under the best circumstances. It is expected that the price of the reconstruction will be more than thirty million euros, but it will be a big thing for the culture of our entire country, especially Belgrade – said Mayor Šapić.

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He specified that Belgrade has a huge number of works of art, and that it certainly deserves to have its own museum for everyone to be proud of.

– Regardless of difficult times, we must not forget about culture because a nation that does not take care of its culture and the cultural elevation of the nation does not take care of its future nor can count on prosperity. We must not allow culture, and I will add sports, to be part of the market economy. As the first among equals in the city, I am aware of how important she is and I will really do my best. We will try to increase the budget for culture, as well as for sports – pointed out Šapić.

In the end, the mayor underlined that cultural institutions and artists are far more important for the people than the financial and economic moment.

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City Secretary for Culture Nataša Mihajlović Vacić pointed out that it is a great pleasure to work with Mayor Šapić because, according to her, he fundamentally understands the development of culture and sports in the Serbian capital.

– The opening of the exhibition hall of the Museum of the City of Belgrade represents another step towards the opening of its central building in Resavska Street. In the next three years, we will do everything we can to provide the necessary funds for the realization of this great undertaking, and to the satisfaction of the citizens of Belgrade and those who respect culture in these areas – stated the departmental secretary.

Jelena Medaković, director of the Museum of the City of Belgrade, emphasized the importance of opening such a space both for the Museum of the City and for the city in general.

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– We are in deficit with exhibition space, especially with the one related to the promotion and visibility of the art scene itself and the work of contemporary authors. At the moment, we only have pictures in the exhibition that are already in the exhibition of the City Museum, and these are the most valuable authors of our fine art domain and the visual field of creativity. At the moment, the gallery is insufficiently equipped in terms of aesthetics, but in the coming period it will be fully prepared for this kind of presentation of the contemporary scene to visitors – said Medaković.

The Salon building has 1,300 square meters, of which about four hundred have been converted into exhibition space. Currently, the works of 33 contemporary Serbian authors can be viewed there.

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