“Murder on the Orient Express” hot mix

“Murder on the Orient Express” hot mix
“Murder on the Orient Express” hot mix

BELGRADE – Borka Tomović, actress of the theater “Boško Buha” was a guest of the new episode of the video series “Tanjug Reflektor” where she talked about her role in the play “Murder in the Orient Express” directed by Darian Mihajlović, whose premiere is scheduled for September 25 at the Ustanova culture of Vuk Karadžić.

Tomović emphasized that, among other things, the audience will see lavish costumes in the play that will revive the thirties of the last century.

There is no doubt that “Murder on the Orient Express” is one of Agatha Christie’s most significant novels and that it is the only novel for which she gave the rights to make a dramatization. In Belgrade, we are playing a play based on Ken Ludwig’s dramatization, before it will happen in London. it is a great honor for the “Boško Buha” theater,” said Tomović.

The respected actress emphasizes that the dramatization of Agatha Christie’s novel is not only based on a mystery but is melodramatic.

“I play the governess Mary Deberham, who, like the other protagonists of the play, has a strong reason why she is on the Orien Express. I invite the audience to find out on the spot what will happen with governess Mary,” said Tomović.

For her, there is no doubt that the play “Murder on the Orient Express” is actually a mix of genres.

“Thriller, melodrama, comedy…all these color our play.” Anyone who has seen the famous film expects a thriller, but our play is something else entirely. In theatrical language, everything is a little more elevated and all the characters are on edge. for the actors, it is much more dynamic to play,” said Tomović and added that there is great anticipation in the ensemble.

“We can’t wait for the premiere,” says Tomović.


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