They tell me “Every time you mention Kosovo, you are further away from the EU”

– We are facing a difficult period, they tell me “Every time you mention Kosovo, you are further away from the European Union” – says Vučić.

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He adds that last night there was an informal dinner where he talked with many leaders. He adds that they discussed various topics.

– We spoke with the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, she said that this winter will be very difficult, and the next will be much more difficult. Many countries, she said, will disappear from the radar of financial stability – said Vučić and added that Serbia must work on further growth.

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Aleksandar Vucic

As he says, it is important that we have American support for the continuation of economic reforms and the economic development of Serbia.

– The world will no longer be the same, everyone feels it now. It will be very difficult. Some European leaders who requested a meeting with Lavrov have now had to withdraw their requests. It is important for us to talk to the Americans about everything – said Vučić.

Conversations with Americans and Russians

According to his words, he had a good conversation with Lavrov, he thanked for the support for the territorial integrity of Serbia, we talked about Kosovo and Metohija and the energy arrangement.

– We also talked about the energy arrangement. I also had conversations that you couldn’t see. And with Hochstein, Jim about Brian. And with Escobar. These are normal ordinary conversations. But everything I said was a topic of conversation with Sullivan, was also a topic with Victoria Nuland. American support is important to us for the economic progress of the country. On the other hand, the situation is terribly complicated, the world will not be the same anymore – he adds.

Delivery of weapons to KiM

The president says he does not want to comment on the possible supply of weapons and equipment to Albin Kurti by Britain and America.

– Can we, as some who criticize me say, that we are further away from the EU when we mention Kosovo. Should I forget Kosovo and our people? Should I pretend that children were not killed? We don’t have much choice. And as far as weapons and equipment are concerned, we are small, and those forces are too strong. We are a shade smaller than what they think – he adds.

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Vučić emphasizes that there is information that Kurti was looking for artillery with a range of more than 10 kilometers, and that they have been using electronic jamming for a long time.

– When they occupied the administrative crossings, they always electronically jammed everything that came from central Serbia. But we will retaliate, as far as electronic jamming is concerned – says the president.

Exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council

The president said that he is almost certain that the West will try to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council.

– Serbia will not vote for something like that, for limiting the right of veto or excluding Russia. We have no dilemma here. For that they need a two-thirds majority. They can also refer to the fact that Russia is not the legal successor of the USSR. But there is an article I think of Act 108, which I see they are preparing to refer to. That would be the overthrow of the international legal order. For one of those decisions, they need China to exercise restraint. God knows what they can do. It is neither far nor impossible. It would be a disaster for us. Because of KiM, of course – he points out.

Aleksandar Vučić and Borut Pahor in New York

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Aleksandar Vučić and Borut Pahor in New York

Let us remind you that on the last day of participation in New York, the President of Serbia met with the President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia, Tanja Fajon. On the sidelines, Vučić also met with the President of Guinea-Bissau, Oumarro Sissoko Umbala, and with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov.

Aleksandar Vučić and Viktorija Nuland

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Aleksandar Vučić and Viktorija Nuland

Previously, Vučić spoke with US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland about the most important global and regional geopolitical issues, as well as additional opportunities for strengthening the partnership dialogue between Serbia and the United States of America.

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