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Milosevic has changed a lot after serving his sentence, he is about 175 centimeters tall and has a stronger build.

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

Serial rapist Igor Milošević (44) from Belgrade, served a 15-year prison sentence for a series of rapes and robberies he committed in 2007 and has now been released. He is a multiple returnee and there is a fear that he will repeat the crime, which is why he is under police surveillance. Milošević committed rape for the first time at the age of 14, and so far he has spent more than three decades behind bars.

Now, however, a warning photo has appeared that was created a few days ago, and it is believed that Igor Milošević is on it! He has changed a lot physically, he is a dark-skinned man, about 175 centimeters tall, with a stronger build.

Milošević raped a saleswoman in a boutique in Vračar, and a day later attacked a worker in an optician’s shop in Voždovac. There was general panic on the streets of the capital, especially among women and shop assistants, and anxious citizens reported every suspicious male person to the police until the maniac ended up behind bars, which happened in September 2007.

Before his latest arrest, Milosevic had already been convicted of rape twice. He was last released from prison on August 25, 2007, and after only 23 days on the loose, he continued to assault and rape.

“Milošević committed a series of rapes when he was only fourteen years old. In three days he brought Belgrade back to its feet. The method of attack is the same as in the last two cases, he most often attacked saleswomen in boutiques. The worst case was the molestation of a minor girl from Zvečanska Street who forced her into the car, handcuffed her and abused her. Then he committed four rapes in three days and tried five times, but the girls managed to save themselves. It was terrible because the police received three reports of rape in one day. Women were in fear, and even then he was reported on the front pages,” said a long-time operative of the Belgrade police at the time.

He also said that Milosevic was then arrested by the police setting a trap for him.

Source: Facebook/Screenshot

The police caught him with the help of a prostitute

“We caught him with the help of a well-known Belgrade prostitute, who worked in the park near the bus station, with whom Milosevic had sexual relations. Thanks to her, he was then behind bars. Even she, who was considered one of the most experienced in that job, she said she had never seen a worse sex maniac and patient,” said the interlocutor.

Milošević was convicted as a minor and sent to serve his sentence in a home for minors. Information about when exactly he left the home is not known. It is known that he carried out a new series of attacks again in 2001. Then he attacked a worker in a beauty salon in Belgrade. He entered the bar to, allegedly, buy cream. When she told him that men were not allowed to enter, Milosevic locked the door. With the threat of a knife, he forced the girl to lie down under the solarium. After taking 1,400 dinars and two mobile phones, the maniac ordered the girl to undress and raped her.

Seven days later, also with a knife in his hand, Milošević entered a Belgrade bookstore and asked the saleswoman for a market. After taking 500 dinars, he took off the girl’s pants and tried to rape her. Fortunately, the girl was saved by a customer who came by at that moment and because of which Milosevic ran away from the bookstore.

Because of these two cases, as well as another attempted rape and six robberies committed during that period, Milosevic was sentenced on March 7, 2002 to a collective sentence of ten years, that is, to six years in prison. The district court then justified the sentence by the fact that he had already been convicted of robbery, as well as that he had committed a new one as soon as he was released from prison. He was sent to the “Zabela” penitentiary near Požarevac on December 5, 2002, and was released as a free man at the end of August 2007. Milošević also had incidents in prison when he stabbed a convict in the prison dining room.


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