Serb beat policemen, then arrested in Italy

Photo: Profimedia / Maule Maurizio/IPA/ABACA

A citizen of Serbia, DM (49), was arrested in Italy when he tried to escape during a regular police check, and after that he attacked police officers who tried to legitimize him.

During the attack, two police officers were injured and had to be hospitalized.

– During a regular control in Vicenza, the police stopped a Serb who was behind the wheel of a car, after which they asked for his documents – the Italian LaPiacaWeb reports and adds:

– After handing over the documents, the citizen of Serbia was agitated and behaved strangely, which caused the policeman to be suspicious, so they asked him to return to the car and go with them, in order to determine the governmental nature of his document at the station.

However, instead of getting into the vehicle, DM fled on foot, after which a chase began.

When the policemen caught up with him, a physical confrontation took place, when he rushed at the officers and hit them with his fists and feet, and finally tried to snatch a weapon from one of them and shoot.

– Fortunately, he was prevented in that attempt. When he was taken to the police station, it turned out that he had already been arrested and that a warrant had been issued for him for serving a prison sentence for theft – Italian media reports.

Upon further inspection, it was established that in his apartment, the Serb is hiding two persons, also citizens of our country, who were illegally staying in Italy and who, upon being found, were given seven days to leave Italy or they will be deported.


The article is in Serbian


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