Arrested 2 policewomen from the sex tape that SHOCKED SERBIA

The policewoman (27) who is on the sex video that recently shocked the public was arrested at her workplace, Kurir learns!

Two months ago, let’s recall, a video appeared showing a young female police officer orally satisfying a colleague in the toilet police station, and the MUP subsequently launched an investigation.

The policewoman, who is from the south of Serbia, According to Kurir, she was arrested yesterday at the traffic police station in which she is employed, and at the hearing she allegedly defended herself by remaining silent.

Also, according to our knowledge, one of her colleagues was also arrested, who admitted during the hearing that she is engaged in prostitution and allegedly revealed who she works for. During the investigation, it was discovered that she often had transactions of 1,000 euros each in her account.

photo: Private Archive

In the meantime, several more videos have appeared showing the arrested policewomen. On one of the recordings, which was submitted to our editorial office, among other things, the two of them can be seen during sado-masochistic sex.

Arrested members of the MUP allegedly often socialized with reality show participants and celebrities.



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