The rapper revealed that music saved him from drug dealing

Borko Vujičić Bore, a member of the popular rap group “THC familija” opened up about his upbringing and said that he found salvation in music from everything that surrounded him.



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Photo: thclafamilij / Instagram

Borko Vujičić Bore

– Music is an escape from reality only in the way that it takes you away from that harsh reality. While we were working, rapping and hanging out, we weren’t on the street at that moment where there were some dealer and fan stories. We are talking about children who grow up on the street and who come from working families. We are not someone who had I don’t know what kind of opportunity his parents gave him on a plate. To us, like most such children, it was: “Get a handle on it!” When you’re on the street, you don’t have many roads. We rappers like to call it the street, but it’s actually life. With this music, we saw ourselves as something different and it got us out of some potentially stupid situations a thousand times. We are really grateful for that – Bore said and added:

Borko Vujičić Bore

Photo: thclafamilij / Instagram

Borko Vujičić Bore

– The feeling is great. I had the opportunity to meet people who were motivated by our music to do something in life. The first example is the basketball players who, when they won that first silver medal after 12 years, did not thank anyone, except that they said: “We want to thank the entire TH family.” Why? because we were the only ones to see them off with a song that was playing in the dressing room all the time and that’s what they were telling us. A documentary film was also edited about it.

However, as he discovered, every medal has two sides.

– There is also a darker side. when Stefan, a colleague from the band, lost his brother, we received some pictures that are not pleasant, namely inscriptions from tombstones with our lyrics: “Dreams as real life, we’ll see you on the other side!” Whenever someone in a region goes to the other world prematurely, graffiti with the lyrics of that song appears. There are also such influences, not to mention that when someone comes out of prison they immediately say: “Brother, only THC is listened to there, you train with it, brothers this, that..” We managed to reach many social spheres friend – said the rapper to “Kurir”.


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