The dream came true, a double crown and two goals to win the final

The dream came true, a double crown and two goals to win the final
The dream came true, a double crown and two goals to win the final

Crvena zvezda players defeated Čukarički 2:1 in the final of the Serbian Cup and reached the third consecutive title in the most massive competition in the country.

Before the start of the match, Stanislav Karasi presented an award to Zvezda player Aleksandar Pešić for 100 games played in the red and white jersey.

“In my first term at Zvezda, I didn’t manage to win the double crown, but now my dream has come true, and I scored two goals in the final, so my heart is full,” said Red Star player Aleksandar Pešić.

Pešić also thanked the fans who supported them throughout the match.

“Thank you to the fans, the real star players who support us even when it’s good and when we play a little weaker, they know how to put up with us. I hope we return it to them in a nice way, and I would dedicate the victory and the goals to my family”, – began Pešić.

Zvezda came to the triumph after a reversal, since Čukarički had a favorable result at the end of the first half, 1:0. However, in the second part of the game, Aleksandar Pešić scored two goals and brought Zvezda the 27th title in the cup competition, the 13th double crown and the third in a row.

“Two important goals, nothing. Not to go back to the past, it was like that when the title was broken, but obviously some people forget that quickly, however, I remind them in my own way,” added Pešić.

Zvezda is the only undefeated team in domestic competitions this season, and by winning the title in the Serbian Super League, the red and whites secured the group stage of the Champions League next season.

“I want us to prepare as well as possible for the next season and achieve new successes,” said Pešić.

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