‘WE FELL IN LOVE IMMEDIATELY’ Anabela spoke about love with Gaggi and the beginning of her music career!


Singer Annabella Atiasshe successfully built her name on our public stage, when she gained fame as part of the group Funky Gand then in a solo career in which he still has lower success today.

Although many singers dream of great endeavors, Annabella has always stuck to the environment that fulfills her.

Photo: Pink.rs/R. Lazarevic

– There is nothing I haven’t achieved. I felt everything I needed. I’ve never had too much ambition, I’ve always loved the golden mean and I’ve been there for 30 years, and as far as I’m concerned, the glass is full – Annabela is honest.

Apart from her great career, her life was marked by her love with Gaggi Đogani, which many described as cinematic, and Anabela herself remembers her love at first sight even today.

– To be honest, it happened between us right away, my charisma, not to be modest, influenced him to immediately turn to me and find the strength to approach me. He immediately suggested that we go out for a drink, we were immediately in love with each other – revealed the singer, for whom her ex-husband was a bright spot in her life as a girl who tried her luck in the big city.

– Finally someone appeared who had nothing to do with war and refugees, we only talked about music and foreign artists. We made choreographies for 24 hours, that was what motivated us – Anabela said recently.

Photo: Pink.rs/J. Matic

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