Omer is one step away from studying at Oxford, money the last obstacle

Omer is one step away from studying at Oxford, money the last obstacle
Omer is one step away from studying at Oxford, money the last obstacle

A’s in the diary and numerous diplomas from the competition say more than words about Omer Miḫović, who achieved enviable results in the admission test at Oxford. Preparations lasted two years, under a veil of secrecy for an environment that did not take it seriously.

“Literature was mostly not available in my town, so I used the acquaintances I made at the research station Petnica, of which I am a member in the biology seminar,” says Omer, who stated that he also had a kind of fear that someone would not see him preparing for Oxford.

He emphasizes that there were several online interviews in English from different parts of the faculty. Omer is the first in the history of this region to get a chance to study at Oxford.

“He was a student of the generation at the ‘Bratstvo’ Elementary School. He is extremely intelligent, ambitious and has a broad education,” says Omer’s schoolmate Tarik Durović. Arijana Lakota, Omer’s friend, says that they have known each other for a long time, from music school, and that and was known there for the fact that he loved to invent his own compositions.

Contribution to science, culture and sport

There is great interest in Oxford, which is confirmed by the fact that more than 26,000 students from all over the world enroll annually. Among the famous people who studied at this prestigious university were Albert Einstein, Tony Blair, Hugh Grant and many others who contributed in various fields of science, culture and sports.

Mirjana Brajković, assistant director of the high school in Novi Pazar, states that Omer is a hardworking, wonderful friend and curious student.

“His interests went into the ether of science and stopped in the field of molecular biology and biochemical genetics. The future lies in the development of this sphere, solutions to many problems in biological and medical science,” says Brajković.

Deadline until July

Omer currently has no scholarship and no money to cover the costs of his studies.

“Although he participated and won in many competitions, I did not expect that he would be admitted to one of the unattainable world universities for us. He received an offer from them, and we, as parents, intellectuals with state salaries, were given a difficult and impossible task – to finance those studies,” says Omer’s father Naser Miḫović.

He adds that if they don’t get help from the state and the city, they will be forced to deny him that chance in life.

Miḫović is obliged to answer by the end of July whether he is able to secure money for his studies.

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