Jotkin’s general riddled in the gym

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Goran Petrović Peta (48) was killed exactly seven years ago today. He was considered “Jotka’s general”, and was liquidated in the gym of the “Golf” hotel in Kruševac.

Petrović was the main associate of Zoran Jotić, the convicted leader of the “Kruševac clan”, he was killed in front of his coach, andbica calmly left the hotel after the crime and disappeared without a trace. Revenge for the liquidation of Goran Obradović Suša, otherwise their main rival in the Kruševac underground, was mentioned as the motive for that crime.

Petrović was a criminal of the older generation who, together with his friend Zoran Jotić Jotko, formed “Jotka’s Group”, one of the most brutal in Serbia, in the 1990s. They were mainly involved in racketeering charges to well-known Kruševac businessmen. The sums they took depended on the assessment of the victim’s wealth and ranged from a few dozen to more than a hundred thousand German marks at the time. For the liquidation of Peta, Jotka later took revenge on Dejan Stanković Ždrokinac and his son Vojin, who were liquidated one month after the other.

On September 17, 2015, around 8:30 a.m., a masked assailant entered the “HG fitness” gym, located in the basement of the “Golf” hotel. The killer with a “phantom” on his head approached Petrović and fired several shots at him from an automatic weapon, six of which hit him in the chest and head. Petrović was lying on the floor in the corridor near one of the entrances to the training area.

Peta came to train every day. It was his routine, and so was the fateful morning. He came to training in a “BMW” car with Paračin plates, parked it near the hotel and went to practice.

During the police investigation, more than 15 shell casings were found. They tried to help Petrović right away at the hotel, trying to pull out his tongue, but there was no way to save him. He lost a lot of blood and his face had already started to darken, so even the Emergency Service could only declare death.

No music in cafes

Fortunately, the trainer Peta worked with in the gym was not injured. The hotel guests had already left their rooms when the shots rang out, and the reception staff called the police and emergency services.

Suša was killed in front of his house

Kruševac, while Jotić and Petrović were in prison, was taken over by the younger criminal Goran Obradović Suša. He focused mostly on heroin smuggling, and in the city he behaved arrogantly and beat and harassed people. He was killed a year before the Fifth in front of his house. That crime was not solved either, and many in Kruševac believed that the liquidation of Petrović was revenge for the death of Obradović.

The police reviewed footage from security cameras covering the hotel, as well as from cameras on surrounding buildings. Since no accomplice was seen in any of them, it is assumed that the killer was alone.

The authorities spent hours reconstructing the murder by checking both entrances to the gym, which can be reached through the main entrance from the street, but also through the reception. The tracks around the hotel were also examined, because it was suspected that the meadow leading to the Rasina River was used for the escape. All that did not give results.

Two days after the crime, although it was a day for going out, some cafes in Kruševac did not play music. The owners of these clubs, although some of them are ashamed to admit it, wanted to honor Goran Petrović in this way.

Kruševljani claim that Peta was a carpenter by profession and that he was known for his cold-bloodedness and harsh nature. In order for the collection of rackets to work, Jotić and Petrović established a strictly disciplined gang of criminals with a military hierarchy. They called their associates “soldiers”. Jotić issued the orders, while Petrović mostly conveyed them to the other members and organized the work in the field.

Zoran Jotić Jotka
Zoran Jotić Jotkaphoto: Printscreen

For a racket with bombs

They sent their criminals to throw bombs at the houses of Kruševac entrepreneurs, burn their cars, send warnings and threats, but also beat those who did not want to pay the racket. The victims and their families were followed around the city, which increased the pressure. Many were afraid of them. It could be heard that Jotić has the whole city in his fist, that he enters the police force by “opening the door with his foot” and that no one can do anything to him.

Jotić and Petrović were arrested in the “Saber” police operation in 2003. The arrest was led by the local police chief Saša Vukadinović, who later became the director of the intelligence agency BIA.

During detention, both complained that they were subjected to torture. Petrović said in court that the police officers electrocuted him, stripped him naked and kept him at sub-zero temperatures, beat him with batons and suffocated him with a bag. He said it causes him dizziness, problems with urination and back problems, and he can’t lift anything heavier than 15 kilograms. The Government of Serbia denied that there was mistreatment of those arrested.

Goran Petrović Peta, Goran Petrović
photo: Printscreen/Youtube/Miner 7

Jotić denied having committed criminal acts, while Petrović defended himself by remaining silent before the Special Court. Some of the witnesses, racketeering businessmen and criminals, retracted their statements during the trial, but the judges evaluated the initial testimonies, so Jotić was sentenced to 12 and Petrović to 11 years in prison. Later, Jotić was accused of bribing Supreme Court judge Ljubomir Vučković, who was supposed to help him get the verdict overturned, and he was given another four years in prison.

Since he was released from prison three years ago, Petrović has not had any criminal charges. When he was released after serving his sentence for racketeering within Jotka’s group, Peta, according to unofficial rumors in Kruševac, retired and led a quieter life.

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