THIS IS WHY THEY LIVE IN IDYL! 8 strict RULES that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton follow in their MARRIAGE!

THIS IS WHY THEY LIVE IN IDYL! 8 strict RULES that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton follow in their MARRIAGE!
THIS IS WHY THEY LIVE IN IDYL! 8 strict RULES that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton follow in their MARRIAGE!

When the frontwoman of the group “No Doubt” Gwen Stefanimet “God’s Country” singer Blake Shelton during the taping of “The Voice” in 2014, no one thought they would end up dating for six years and eventually getting married.

However, a couple of music artists fit together perfectly, thanks to the rules they follow in marriage:

1. Trust and rely on each other.

Very early in theirs connectionsthey learned how important it is to be able to rely on each other whenever something hits them.

When they met in 2014, they were both still married to their previous partners, Stefani to rock musician Gavin Rossdale and Shelton to country singer Miranda Lambert.


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Coincidentally, they both went through their divorces at the same time and bonded during the process.

Their bond over their divorce is largely what brought the couple together, and they’ve continued to lean on each other over the years.

2. Maintain healthy competition against each other.

On the singing floor competition“The Voice,” coaches compete to ensure that their artists win the final competition, crowning them the winners.

With Shelton and Stephanie being two of the four coaches, things often got pretty heated.

“I love when she’s here,” Shelton told E! Online and added:

– For me, she brings a very complicated element to the competition. But I love it. I love the challenge… Just knowing she’s there and has my back is pretty cool.



Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton

3. Do not separate your work from your personal life.

Although many point out that it is not good to mix private and business life, this is not true for Gwen and Shelton.

The pair recorded four duets together, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”, “You Make it Feel Like Christmas”, “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody But You”.

During an interview with Chelsea Handler, Stefani revealed what the process of writing “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” was like with her husband.

– Like, it’s crazy to me, he’s so talented, and he doesn’t write that often – she said, adding her excitement when she was able to write a song with him.

4. Keep your family close.

From the previous one marriage With Rossdale, Stefani has three children – three sons named Kingston, 16, Apollo, 8, and Zuma, 14.

During an interview with PEOPLE, Shelton alluded that Stefani didn’t think their relationship would last because of them.

“I think Gwen thought when we first started seeing each other that it would only be temporary because of that,” he said.

– I have a stepfather in my life who is one of my heroes. I love my stepfather and I look up to him and he is like a father to me – he said, adding later that “I can’t imagine my life without these children now.”

5. The best gift is the gift of giving — and Blake Shelton has one.

For her birthday, just a year after they started dating, Shelton gave her a horse she named “Halo” and introduced as her “new bunny.”

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Shelton revealed his reason for giving the gift.

– Gwen, she likes riding and she likes horses – he explained.

– It’s actually so funny that people are so shocked by it, but if you can name one girl on the planet who doesn’t like horses or just thinks they’re beautiful…

For Valentine’s Day 2017, Shelton showed up with another gift, this time in the form of a clip from “The Voice,” which aired during her interview on the “TODAY” show.

– Gwen, I got this to show you how much I care about you – he said in the video, holding a teddy bear.

She laughed and exclaimed, “He’s a jerk, it’s so funny!”



Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton

6. Make lots of “first” memories together.

During quarantine, Stephanie and Shelton spent a lot of time doing exactly what everyone else was doing – learning how to do something new.

– This summer during the quarantine I learned to make jam – revealed Shelton in a video for “The Voice”, which explains what the coaches did during the isolation.

– We did a lot of fun things – said Stephanie.

– We cooked a lot. I learned to make sourdough bread like everyone else.

Besides cooking, they did a lot of other things together.

– We did so many things. We made garden. We planted zinnia flowers. “I mean, we planted thousands of zinnias,” she said. – It was a lot of things that you dream of doing, but for which you never have time.

Stefani pointed out that their time together was “magical” because they never “spend so much time together”.

7. Be each other’s best friend.

In 2019, Stefani discussed her return to “The Voice” with Zane Lowe on Apple Music and talked about what it would be like to work alongside Shelton, explaining that she is excited.

– I mean, Blake is mine best friendso I hang out with him at work, which is strange – she said.

– We tell each other everything. I don’t want to do anything without him. He’s my friend.

For Shelton’s birthday in 2020, Stefani doubled her Instagram followers by sharing a sweet photo of the pair with the caption, “thank you for being my best friend.”

8. Shelton’s marriage and stepsons come first.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shelton revealed that he’s entering a “new phase” in his life that has changed his priorities a bit since getting married just over a year ago.

– You see, I love music and I love The Voice – he said. – I love all the cool things I get to do in my job, but all those things are secondary now, compared to Gwen and the kids and it’s just a new phase of my life.

He wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t giving up on music and even thanked his label for giving him the opportunity to do what he wanted to do.

– I have fun playing songs when I feel like it and fortunately the publishing house allows me to do that – he says, reports


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