The confession of Merima Njegomir’s daughter about the singer’s death

The confession of Merima Njegomir’s daughter about the singer’s death
The confession of Merima Njegomir’s daughter about the singer’s death

When music diva Merima Njegomir passed away at the age of 69, the public knew little. No one had any idea what a series of events preceded the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

21.09.2022. 09:50

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Merima Njegomir

Her eldest daughter Ljubica knows how strong the roller coaster of expectations, hopes and disappointments is from the first diagnosis of Merima’s condition to her death.

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Ljubica Njegomir, daughter of the famous singer Merima Njegomir, was a guest on Kurir Television’s Real story where she recalled an event that will forever portray her mother as a very strong woman.

– I came across a video from Soko Banja in August last year. She had a solo concert. What a force that was. I listened to it and since I know it, I heard that it trembles in the choruses. Which could never happen with her. It was August and I look at that video and I think, well, she was dying then. She was in that thermal phase that we didn’t know about – said Ljubica.

– She called me after that concert and said she wasn’t feeling well, I don’t know how I’m going to drive. I asked her why she didn’t tell me to drive her, and she just replied that I would be able to. Which means that she also drove from that Soko Banja. She lived with all these superhuman pains. I no longer have the luxury of having something hard for me and whining, because it would be a shame – said Ljubica for “Kurir”.

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