SHOCKING PICTURES AT THE FUNERAL OF VICTIMS OF TRUMPET PLAYERS Over 50 musicians send off their colleagues with trumpet sounds (VIDEO)

More than 50 trumpeters in the death column send off two dead colleagues from Včadičina Han with a death march.

21.09.2022. 13:49

Photo: Milica Ivanović / Ringier

trumpeter’s funeral

A sad procession sends Stanislav Ristic (21) and Dalibor Milošević (34) to their eternal rest, from the settlement of Poljana, where the Roma live, to the cemetery in the atar of the village of Repince, about one and a half kilometers away.

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Trumpeters died on the highway near Niš

Photo: Social networks

Trumpeters died on the highway near Niš

Right behind the cross, and in front of the van containing the remains, are about 50 musicians from Vladičin Han, led by the famous trumpeter and orchestra leader Marko Marković and this year’s Guča winner Boban Mitić, who traveled from Vienna.

Trumpet sounds mingle with the cries of families, friends and neighbors.

In the procession are Roma and Serbs, with whom this national minority from the Poljana neighborhood has lived in harmony for centuries.

“I don’t know if I will make it to the cemetery because my heart will burst with sadness,” says a thirty-five-year-old woman who knew the deceased musicians, who died in a traffic accident on the highway near Aleksinac on September 19, while they were returning from a concert in Novi Sad. .

Communal companies cleaned the Roma cemetery in Repinac on this sad occasion the day before, and today is the Day of Mourning in Vladičin Han.

“If by any chance they were watching their funeral from somewhere, their hearts would be torn by this sight.” Normally, musicians also died here, but it has never happened that the death of two people, before whom life was at stake, brought so many of them together in one place,” comments one of Stanislav Ristić’s neighbors.

At this moment, the procession is slowly approaching the cemetery in Repinac.

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