Sandra Afrika had breast surgery, all the details surfaced

Sandra Afrika had breast surgery, all the details surfaced
Sandra Afrika had breast surgery, all the details surfaced

Singer Sandra Prodanović Africa she decided to undergo another operation, and the intervention was performed two weeks ago in a private clinic in Belgrade.

Although her stalls throughout the region, as well as the diaspora, were scheduled months in advance, Sandra was forced to cancel only a few performances, in order to replace worn-out silicones, which she had been planning for some time, but could not manage due to her busy schedule.

– Sandra has been planning this operation for a long time, but there is no way to waste time. She didn’t want to during the summer because of the tour, she had performances every night, and it’s not appropriate to do that during the summer. As soon as it cooled down a bit, she somehow managed to cancel a couple of performances and schedule an operation. She had some problems, she also wanted a better aesthetic effect, and it was time for them – says a source close to the singer and adds:

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– Everything is great, thank God, it passed, she went to trusted people. She increased them a little, there won’t be any huge difference, but they will look more lush, smoother. She was ordered to take a strict rest, because of which she could not work, but after a few days, when everything came back to normal, she recorded a music video for a new song, which she will release soon. Now everything is ok, she reacted very well to the operation and is functioning completely normally – ends the source for

Let’s remind you, this is Sandra’s third breast surgery – long ago, before she stepped on stage, she enlarged her breasts, which she already changed once in 2015. Seven years later, another operation followed.

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