Whoever turns up the music beyond the permitted limit will receive a fine – aak – Society

Whoever turns up the music beyond the permitted limit will receive a fine – aak – Society
Whoever turns up the music beyond the permitted limit will receive a fine – aak – Society

The City Administration for Urban Planning of the city of Aka has started work on the drafting of the Decision on acoustic zoning and measures for noise protection, as well as the Decision on the way to control noise levels from catering establishments.

Source: RINA Friday, 23.09.2022. | 12:20

Photo: RINA

The decision on acoustic zoning and noise protection measures determines the acoustic zones on the territory of the city, as well as the prohibitions, restrictions and noise protection measures in accordance with the Law on Environmental Noise Protection. According to this decision, the area of ​​the city is divided into six acoustic zones, with noise limit values ​​for day and night, according to RINA.

“The first zone includes the circle of the city hospital, homes for the protection of the elderly and infirm, areas for rest and recreation, i.e. areas protected by special regulations, the City Park and the Memorial Park, the area of ​​the Sports and Recreational Center “Mladost”, the Decision states.

The second zone includes tourist areas, camps, spas, kindergartens and preschools. In order to protect the environment from noise, catering establishments on the territory of the city must meet the following conditions:

“That the music broadcast is performed exclusively with closed doors and windows, that the noise emitted from musical devices does not exceed the permitted noise level, that musical devices whose noise has been determined by extraordinary measurement to exceed the permitted noise levels must have built-in and adjusted devices for limiting the sound volume (limiters) to the determined maximum permitted noise level determined by the noise measurement report, that the devices for limiting the sound volume (limiters) are turned on and connected to the music device”, it is also stated in the Decision of the City Administration for Urban Planning.

In the case of holding public gatherings, entertainment and sports events and other activities in open and closed spaces that may lead to exceeding the limit values ​​of the noise indicator, the organizational unit of the city administration of the city, which is in charge of environmental protection affairs, determines the sound protection measures at the time of the event, based on the request organizers of public gatherings.

This decision foresees new fines in the amount of 25,000 dinars for physicists who emit noise in the acoustic zone above the prescribed limit values, do not submit a request for the determination of sound protection measures within the prescribed period or do not act according to certain sound protection measures.

The city administration for urban planning of the city also passed the Decision on the way to control the noise level from catering establishments. The measurement of noise from catering establishments is carried out by the municipal militia with equipment that meets the requirements of this Decision.

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