He calls himself a prophet because 37 years ago he sang about saving electricity

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37 years ago, Rade Jorović made a hit called “Come, baby, let’s save electricity”, which was revived today for a not so happy reason. As electricity restrictions are expected, his song had perfect lyrics that fit the expected situation, and Jorović revealed to a local media outlet how the idea for this obviously timeless hit came about.

– The hit was created while we were freezing almost four decades ago, when there were also restrictions. Then we came up with the text as a joke, and it turned out that I also predicted this war now – reveals Jorović.

Rade Jorovic
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Rade Jorović’s song “Women Love Officers” was famous, and these days the song that drove Serbs crazy, who are sharing it on social networks because of the announced restrictions and the cold weather, which came earlier this year than usual, has experienced all the media “uproar”.

Radet’s song, in which, as he says, he sang about the restriction of electricity almost 40 years ago, is now being sung at every step, so the singer revealed in his confession that people call him non-stop and congratulate him on the revived hit, and how did he not active on social media, he was not privy to the dust-up.

Rade Jorovic
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– I am like a prophet, I predicted what would happen to electricity so many years ago. This is a state of war now, it’s not really a joke, but we all pray to God that everything will be fine. If the electricity goes out for a long time, that’s the message from the song, that young people “keep” electricity together – said Rade at the beginning of the conversation.

He then described the euphoria he caused with his witty lyrics, with which he had the masses crazy literally overnight.

Rade Jorovic
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– People tell me every day that my song has become a hit again. I don’t follow those social networks, so I don’t know where everything is uploaded, but I can’t live on messages these days. They say that social networks are on fire, I’m glad that’s the case – said the singer enthusiastically, then looked back on how the mentioned music track was created in the first place.

– Here is the background of the song, about 37 years ago we made the song “Come, honey, let’s save electricity”. Restrictions were the reason. We were there in the center in Ulica kneza Miloša at RTS, my composer and cameraman, when suddenly the electricity went out.

– While we were waiting for him to come, we started joking and joking and through that laughter, instead of the last song we were supposed to record, this one came on! People like me to joke in my songs, to make parodies. It was a cold month, it was already freezing and we were sitting and thinking of verses. That’s how we started: “All the streams have already frozen over, my dear electric stove. Expensive electricity when it is available, it will be nicer with wood”. It’s a funny love song, but here’s how it turns out now!

Rade Jorovic
photo: Zorana Jevtić

We will survive, we are a strong nation!

Rade explained that today the situation is more serious than before because the war between Ukraine and Russia continues…

– As for the war, I would like it to end as soon as possible. I started writing a song a long time ago and never finished it. As if I sensed something evil. The song ends with the lines: “We have had enough of sadness and wars, we want children and wedding parties”. There’s no way I’ll record it, it’s quite a strong text, and a good melody needs to be done. This situation today is terrible. I am from a generation that has gone through everything, including bombings and some troubles until today. We will survive, we are a strong nation!

Jorović says that he rarely shops, and when he does, he only goes to selected places, where he likes the most.

– I don’t do weddings very well because now there is also a new fashion. I used to work in the eastern part, capital people were strong, but times have changed. I was then the king of weddings and celebrations, and today bands and program music work. People call me and tell me to come and sing two songs, and ask how much it costs. I am ashamed of the people to come and sing two songs.

– I thank you for the invitation, but I say, I can come for six songs, to sing for half an hour, and that’s fine with me. When you do small things, you don’t get tired. I’m always in shape, I like to travel, to always be among people. Today, I spend most of my time in Belgrade. When I sing, it’s mostly with various cultural and artistic societies, we do festivals and the like.

Rade Jorovic
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– I am a low-circulation singer, I go where there is less money and more fun. I am among the poor, and she rejoices the most. I’m not bad. The younger ones have a little more work than we did. It’s great that it’s like that, but as they say, we’ll get through this crisis too. Here, the situation is such that nothing depends on us, but on other forces from the region and the world – says the singer.

He claims that he has been paying his own pension for years, and the commission that deals with awarding the national pension did not award it to him…

– As far as the pension is concerned, it has increased a little and I have mine, which I have been paying into for years. It was a mess when I left because I couldn’t get a higher average. I have not received benefits from the state, but I will survive. I applied for national pension last year, but I did not pass the commission. I’m going to apply again, whatever happens.

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