Selma Bajrami on guardianship

In her confession, singer Selma Bajrami spoke about the two-year battle for custody of her son, who was taken from her arms.

24.11.2022. 11:09

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Selma Bajrami

Her agony, she says, began on December 23, 2020. Then her world came crashing down!

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Selma Bajrami

Photo: Ringier

Selma Bajrami

– Then the decision was made that my son should belong to his father. Due to the corona, the courts did not work properly, and there were always delays. A little while ago, I canceled my attorney’s power of attorney because I was not in a position, due to the pandemic, to pay, because, as you know, we singers were at risk. I didn’t have any money at the time and considering that I was defending myself all the time from this man who has been attacking me for years and who is using anything and everything to denigrate me as a mother – said Selama Bajrami.

Let’s recall that earlier the singer pointed out that she still lives in the city where she moved because of love.

– I live in Vienna, after the divorce I lived there. The reason I retired from the media is that I wanted to focus on my mental and physical health, I am fighting for custody, I hope it will end the way it should – she commented.


VIDEO: Selma Bajrami dances at the pool

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