Nikita Mikhalkov discharged from the hospital

Director Nikita Mikhalkov announced that he was discharged from the hospital, but that he will need time for rehabilitation.

“My dear friends, this is not a platitude: really ‘dear’ and really ‘friends’! I am sure that, in addition to the enormous efforts of the doctors and everyone else, it was due to your hearty wishes for my recovery and your prayers that I came home. Of course, it will be I need some more time for recovery and rehabilitation, but as soon as the doctors discharged me, it means that they are calm,” Mikhalkov wrote on the telegram channel “Besogon”, reports B92.

photo: Dragan Kadić

Mikhalkov was hospitalized with the flu on January 5. On January 10, he announced that he had been kept in the hospital, that the tests had continued and that he would receive appropriate medication.

Nikita Mikhalkov’s most famous film is “Deceptive Sun” from 1994, for which he won the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

In May 2016, he received the Order of Saint Stefan Lazarevic from the Serbian Orthodox Church.


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