Why does Tarantino shoot feet in every movie?

American director Quentin Tarantino, apart from his specific and original films, is also known for including a few shots with women’s feet in almost every one of his cinematic works.

Over the years, Tarantino has become famous as a lover of women’s feet, that is, many have detected that he may have a fetish and that is why he insists on shooting scenes in which the feet are in the foreground.

He shot the most famous scenes of women’s feet in Pulp Fiction and in his latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but he rarely talked about why he likes to shoot them. On one occasion, in 2021, for G2, Tarantino briefly explained why he films the so-called foot fetish scenes, and the reason is interesting to say the least.

Tarantino forces women’s feet in films because, as he says, this is the hallmark of good directors.

“Feet appear in the films of many good directors. It is a sign that he is good. Before me, they said that the director Luis Bunuel had a foot fetish. They said the same about Alfred Hitchcock, and they also accused Sofia Coppola,” he commented. Tarantino, reports Index.hr.

By the way, Tarantino has reportedly already started preparing his new and probably last film. Apparently, it will be called The Movie Critic, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and they also report that they will start directing sometime in the fall.

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