A DANISH ACTRESS OF SERBIAN ORIGIN, RETURNED FOR WORK! Danica: I had to learn Serbian because of the film

A DANISH ACTRESS OF SERBIAN ORIGIN, RETURNED FOR WORK! Danica: I had to learn Serbian because of the film
A DANISH ACTRESS OF SERBIAN ORIGIN, RETURNED FOR WORK! Danica: I had to learn Serbian because of the film

Danica was born in Belgrade, but moved with her parents to Copenhagen when she was only one year old. She has been working a lot in Denmark for the last decade and is a big star there, and now she got the opportunity to play in a Serbian production for the first time.

Photo: Yana Lozeva

Danica Ćurčić

March pogrom

– This is my first role in the Serbian language and in Serbia, and that’s why it’s special. My first task was to master the language as best as possible, as well as to master the accent. Apart from that, I had to go deep into my character and put myself in the situation of a mother fighting bloody for her daughter’s future – says Danica, who plays the self-sacrificing mother Vukica in “Mrak”.
The action of the film “Darkness” is set in 2004 during the March pogrom of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. Danica says that “Mrak” stands out from everything she has done so far.
– This film treats fear in a special way. It is based on a true story, but it rises above the real and touches on the existential and metaphysical aspect of fear. In the film, we don’t see the face of evil and the enemy, and that’s what attracted me to the story – says the star of the “Netflix” hit series “The Chestnut Man”.


Photo: Yana Lozeva

Slavko Štimac

A film full of emotions

Her daughter in the film is played by Miona Ilov (14), who got the role quite by accident:
– I was in the fifth grade when film agents came to school. They were looking for a girl for the film, I applied and went to the casting. I went through all the rounds and was overjoyed when they told me that I got the role of Milica. It was difficult for me to portray my heroine because I am cheerful and she has a sad life. But I succeeded, and Slavko Štimac helped me a lot – says Miona.
Štimac says that he is playing a grandfather for the first time in his career.
– Milutin is a strong and intense character. A man who lost his son and son-in-law and who is torn between taking care of his daughter and granddaughter and fighting for bare survival. It is the first role in which I play a grandfather. The film is full of emotions – says the famous actor.


Photo: Yana Lozeva

Director Dušan Milić

Director Dušan Milić: I hope so
that we will win the Oscar

The Film Center of Serbia has decided that “Darkness” by director Dušan Milić will be the Serbian candidate for the prestigious Oscar award, in the category of best international feature film. Film director Dušan Milić hopes that his film will bring an Oscar to Serbia.

– First of all, I am honored that the commission supported our film for the most important film award. Everyone hopes to win somewhere at least once in their life, including me. I hope we will enter the top five and eventually win – the director told Informer.


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