Seven Serbs who won an Oscar

Ivo Andrić is the only Serb who received the Nobel Prize, however, this was not the only award our compatriots received. The prestigious Pulitzer Prize, which is awarded for the greatest contributions in journalism, literature and composing, was awarded to three Serbs, and as many as seven of our compatriots have Oscars in their possession.

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In a tradition as long as 93 years, as many as seven Serbs managed to get on the list of winners of the prestigious award of the American Film Academy Oscar.

And while the fact that the first Oscar went to the legendary actor Mladen Sekulović (Karlo Malden) 70 years ago is relatively well known, much less was said and written about the remaining six laureates.

Oscar is the official name for an annual film award given by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It is the most respected and longest-lasting award in the field of the seventh art, which has been added since 1929.

Over the decades, in various categories that were added over time, more than 3 thousand Oscars were awarded, and among the winners were seven Serbs!

Karl Malden – Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “A Streetcar Named Desire” 1952.

Hollywood actor Karl Malden was originally a Serb and his real name was Mladen Sekulović. His father was Serbian, and his mother was Czech. He shot more than 60 films, and for “A Streetcar Named Desire” he received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1952, thus becoming the first Serb to receive this award.

He was also nominated for an Oscar in 1954 for his role in the anthology film “On the Docks of New York”. He died in 2009 at the age of 97, with the status of one of the last living film greats.

He also shot a Yugoslav film “Suton” in 1982, directed and written by the same Goran Paskaljević.

In Belgrade, he acted in the film “Suton”, and was nominated for an Oscar in 1954 for his role in the anthology film “On the Docks of New York”. He died in 2009 at the age of 97 in the status of one of the last living greats of cinema.

Dušan Vukotić
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Dušan Vukotić – Oscar for the best short animated film “Surrogate” in 1962.

Dušan Vukotić was a film director, screenwriter, animator and professor at the Film Academy in Zagreb, a member of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts. In addition to animated films, Dušan Vukotić has produced a series of documentaries, informational, television, advertising and three feature films.

He won the Oscar in 1962 for the best animated short film “Surrogate”, and his success was all the greater because he became the first winner of this prestigious award who was born outside the USA (Karl Malden was born in Chicago). Dušan was the first Yugoslav to win this prestigious award.

He died of a heart attack in 1998 in Zagreb.

Stojan Steve Tešić – Oscar for the best original screenplay for the film “Breaking Away” in 1979.

Stojan Steve Tešić from Užice moved to America with his parents when he was 14 years old. They chose East Chicago as their home in Indiana. Tešić later graduated from Indiana University, in the department of Slavic studies and Russian literature.

Writing for both theater and film, he experienced many great successes. He won the Oscar for the screenplay of the film “Breaking Away” in 1979, and the film, translated as “Four Friends”, had its Yugoslav premiere in Užice, according to Steve’s wish.

He was the brother of Serbian writer Nadja Tešić (1939-2014). He died of a heart attack, at the age of 53, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Zoran Perišić – Oscar for special achievement for the film “Superman” in 1979.

The year 1979 will also be remembered for another Serb who won an Oscar. Zoran Perišić was born in Zemun and grew up in Prokuplje. He won the Oscar for special achievement (as the award for special effects was then called) for the hit “Superman” by Richard Donner. He was nicknamed “The Man Who Taught Superman to Fly”, and the very invention of flying on the big screen was named “Zoptic” after him.

He also collaborated on Stanley Kubrick’s cult film “2001. A Space Odyssey”. He often comes to Belgrade where he works as a teacher.

Mirko Kovačević – Oscar for technical achievements in 2007.

Innovator in the field of film cameras, optics and electronics engineer Mirko Kovačević, won the “technical” Oscar in 2007 for the FI+3 system that regulates the three functions of each lens on film cameras.

He shared the award at the 79th award with his colleague Howard Preston.

Film, Feather Gatherers, by Oliver Katarina, Bekim Fehmi, Oscar
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Dr. Dejan Ilić – Oscar for technical achievements in 2008.

Just one year after Mirko Kovečavić, another Serb received the same Oscar. Professor Dr. Dejan Ilić from Seleuci near Smederevo is a scientist in the field of physical chemistry, microcomputers, electronics, award-winning manager and professor at the University of Graz.

Since 2006, Ilić has been the head of the company “Ari”, a leader in the production of film and television equipment. Under the leadership of Professor Ilić, the Ari company has received 13 world awards for its products.

The last and most significant is the Oscar for technical achievement in 2008. It is an Arimax product that provides light with the help of which details that are not visible to the naked eye can be seen. The product is used in the film industry, but also in medicine, the automotive industry, security systems…

Đorđe Milašinović – Oscar for the best visual effects for the movie “The Jungle Book” in 2017.

Đorđe Milašinović was in the team that was awarded the Oscar for visual effects in the production of “The Jungle Book” in 2017. It was his first project, and since then this talented young man has worked on some of the most expensive and famous films such as “Avengers – Infinity War”, “Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge”, “Planet of the Apes – War”…


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DARA FROM JASENOVC STOOD UP THE PUBLIC! Dan Tana has announced, will the Serbian film still fight for the OSCAR?! (COURIER TELEVISION)


DARA FROM JASENOVC STOOD UP THE PUBLIC! Dan Tana has announced, will the Serbian film still fight for the OSCAR?! (COURIER TELEVISION)



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